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If its just a minor penalty then two minutes.If its a double minor then 4 minutes.If its a misconduct then its a 10 minute and 5 minutes is game misconduct.

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Q: How long does a hockey player stay in the penalty box?
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What do hockey players do during the summer to stay in shape?

im a hockey player and what i do to stay in shape is to go to summer camps and lift wieghts.

How long ago was it when a player got a plenty and had to stay in the penalty box even if the other team got a goal?

Beginning with the 1956-57 NHL season, a rule change was instituted to allow a player serving a minor penalty to return to the ice when the opposing team scores a goal.

What usually happens when a hockey goalkeeper gets a 2 minute penalty?

the other team normally scores. This doesn't happen hardly ever though ---- Another player will serve the penality allowing the goalkeeper to stay in the game. The team will still be short one player for two minutes.

What are penalty kicks in soccer?

Penalty kicks are when an offensive player is fouled inside the penalty box. Then a player from that team will kick the ball from the penalty spot. Only the goalkeeper and the kicker are allowed inside the penalty box at the time of the kick. The goalkeeper must stay on the goal line until the ball is kicked. The ball must go completely over the line for the goal to count.

What is the maximum stay in prison?

The max stay is life, max penalty death.

After a goalkeeper made a save can the goalkeeper punt the ball inside the penalty arc to distribute the ball to his team mates?

The purpose of the penalty arc is to ensure that, when a player takes a penalty kick, his teammates and opponents stay ten yards away from him at all times. While the goalkeeper has the ball in his possession, no player is allowed within the penalty arc until the keeper releases the ball.

What is a major penalty in soccer?

A penalty is a type of kick. A penalty kick is one way to restart a match with a one-on-one kick against the opposing goal keeper from 12 yards away.There is another type of penalties which is related to the individual player no such as:Red card: the player can not stay in the field anymore and should be stopped for one match or more.Financial penalty: the player or the team member will pay certain amount related to his type of violation

Do people get sick from hockey rink ice?

Hockey rink ice has to be kept cold so if you stay around the ice for a long time without the proper clothing you may get sick.

Can a defensive player in basketball stay in the lane for more than 3 seconds?

Yes. A defensive player can stay in the lane as long as they wish.

Where do hockey teams stay in Columbus?

Marriott Renaissance, of course

How has NHL hockey influenced society?

If you stay on your feet you can keep fighting!

How long can an offense player be in the key in basketball?

In the NBA, they can only stay in the key for three seconds.

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