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about 5 kilometres (maybye less)

its because they only go up for corners or attacking free kicks

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Q: How long does a defender run in a soccer game?
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How long does a soccer game run for?

A Soccer game runs for 90 minutes. *i think*

How long does a midfielder run in a soccer game?

The whole gamee! (:

How much does a forward run in a soccer game?


How many miles run in an indoor soccer game?

The amount of miles that a person runs during an indoor soccer game is determined by different factors. The most important factor is how long a person is on the field playing the game.

What is a soccer field?

its a huge chunk of grass you run on and you play a terrific game of soccer

How far does a professional soccer player run per game?

A professional soccer player ( midfielder ) runs about 6 miles per game. We run probably 3 miles per game.

How far does a soccer player run in a match?

On average, professional soccer players, such as midfielders, run about 6 miles per game.

How far does a goal keeper run per soccer game?

50 yards

Which sport do you run more soccer or basketball?

You run more in soccer. This is because, you run constantly throughout the whole game. During Basketball you have a chance to take a break and you run a much shorter distance. In Soccer, if you are taken out you can not go back in, but in basketball if your taken out you can go back in.

How long is a rec soccer game?

It depends on the age. They typically run from 25 minuets for the younger ages and up to 45 to 50 minuets for the older ages.

What is it when you run or push a stationary defender?


How do you run faster in a soccer game?

move you legs faster , and pump those arms .

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