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12 yards

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Q: How far is the penatly kick line from the goal in soccer?
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How a goal kick is done?

A goal kick is awarded when the ball crossed the goal line outside the bounds of the goal. The ball is placed with in the goal area and is not in play until kicked out of the penatly area. See FIFA Laws of the Game

When is a goal kick taken in soccer?

A goal kick is taken when the offense (players with the ball) kicks it past the line the goal is on. Therefore making it the defenders ball. A goal kick.

When is a goal kick in soccer?

A goal kick is awarded to the defense when the ball completely exits the field across a goal line and was last touched by an attacker.

Name the foul that occurs when the ball goes out the goal line in soccer?

The ball exiting the field across the goal line is not a foul. The restart would be a kick off, goal kick, or corner kick depending on who touched it last, which goal line, and whether it went in the goal.

When is a corner kick awarded in soccer?

A corner kick is awarded when the ball goal out of play over the goal line, a goal is not scored, and the ball was last touched by a member of the team defending the goal which sits on that goal line.

Can you score a goal from a line-kick?

There is no such thing as a "line-kick" in soccer. However, a goal may be scored directly from any kick except for an indirect free kick. In that case, the kick may only score after the ball touches another player after the kick and before entering the goal.

When the offense kicks the soccer ball past the end line?

There's a goal kick.

What kick is made by the deffensive team when the ball is last touched by the attacking team-in soccer?

If the ball cross the line of the goal, it's a goal kick.

What is a soccer goal kick?

When the ball goes over the end line, and the attacking team was the last one to touch it, the defending team is awarded a goal kick.

What is a corner kick and a goal kick in soccer?

corner kicks in soccer are won if the defending team puts the ball out of play on their back line whereas goal kicks are if the offending team puts the ball behind their attacking goal

When does a corner kick occur in soccer?

When the ball is put behind your goal line by a member of your team

Can a soccer goal keeper move up and down his goal for a penalty?

The goalkeeper must have both feet on the line for the penalty kick.

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