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So far they have lasted up to now because now we have the Olympics.

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Q: How long did the Ancient Olympics last for?
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How long did the ancient Olympics last?

2weeks tops

How long did the Olympics last in ancient Greece?

They lasted for 5 days.

How long did 1 ancient greek Olympics last?

5 days

How long did the Ancient Greek Olympics last?

over 300 and more years

Did some ancient Olympics feature different races?

when was the last ancient olympics held

How many miles long was the ancient Olympics track?

The ancient Olympics race track was 500 miles long.

How long did Ancient Greek Olympic games last for?

The first Ancient Olympics were held between 776BC and 393AD - a span of 1168 years.

How long are the Olympics last?

The Olympics usually last for 17 days.

How many days did the ancient Olympics last?


When and where were the last ancient Olympics held?

394 CE.

What was long jumping in the ancient Olympics?


How long do the Olympics last?

The last four Olympics have lasted 17 days.

What year was the last year of the ancient Olympics?

393 ad

How long did the achient Olympics last?

I've read that people belive that the Ancient Olympic games were held for 5 days.

How was running played in the ancient Olympics?

long jump

How long were the ancient Olympics held?

1000 years

How long were the pools in the ancient Olympics?

Answer: The ancient greek games did not have events that had to do with swimming.

How long has the Ancient Greek Olympics been around?

A long time......

Who was the last person to win the ancient Olympics?

no one really knows as there is no record of the ancient games.

How many miles long was the ancient Olympics held?


For how many years were the ancient Olympics held?

a long time

Why were the ancient Olympics stopped for so long?

i have no clue lol

What is a dolichos?

The dolichos was a long running race in the ancient Olympics.

How long do people train for the ancient Olympics?

10 months

How are the Olympics from the ancient times and the Olympics in the modern time similar?

i say it is 7 meters long