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6 Seconds

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Q: How long can a Football Goalkeeper hold the ball for?
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According to fifa rules how long is the goal keeper allowed to hold the ball for?

A goalkeeper cannot hold the ball for more than six seconds. The penalty for going over six seconds is an indirect free kick for the other team.

If a goalkeeper advances from goal and misses the ball but while he has gone outside the area he manages to gather the ball which is inside?

it is not a handball as long as the ball is inside the penalty box.

What is the job of a soccer goalkeeper?

A goalkeeper is one of the most important players in the soccer team.His job is to prevent the other team from scoring. Whether the goalkeeper punches the ball, catches it, or kicks it, as long as the ball does not go past the line, no point is scored.The goalkeeper is also the leader of the team's defence. He is able to see the entire field and can instruct his teammates. The keeper can organize his team and have them pull up or stay back if needed. He can control the tempo of the game (hold the ball longer, get rid of it quicker, etc.).The goalkeeper should have really good eye-hand coordination, not be afraid of the ball, and be willing to basically "sacrifice" his body for his team by diving in front of attackers who will purposefully knock into the keeper to score.See the link below for more information: Goalkeeper Guide link:

How long must you hold the cricket ball to make a catch?

Long enough to demonstrate that you have control of the ball

How long can you hold a ball in netball?

5 seconds

May a goalkeeper touch the ball with is hand when standing on the edge of the penalty area?

As long as the ball is inside their penalty area a goal keeper may handle the ball. The position of the ball is important. The position of the goal keeper is not.

Is Kobe Bryant a ball hog?

The real question in: how long do have have to hold the ball to be calleda ball hog.

How long are you permitted to hold the ball in netball?

Three seconds, or it is called a held ball.

Do you hold your breath in a ball pit?

No, as long as you stay calm then you don't have to hold your breath.

What does a long snapper do in football?

A long snapper snaps the ball for a field goal or punt.

How long are you allowed to hold the ball for in netball?

3 seconds

Can you grab the football out of the hands of a football player?

Yes, as long as the player is not considered tackled a defensive player may strip the ball from the ball carrier.

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