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3hr and 30 minutes

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Q: How long basketball players practice daily?
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Can basketball players get any kind of tattoo?

as long as its not nasty

How long do you need to practice in basketball?

if you want to be a good player, practice at least 3hrs. a day.

How long do professional soccer players practice each day?

Professional soccer players practice each day for three hours .

How long do basketball players have to go to school?

Hahahahahaha good one

How long is the average basketball players career?

4-5 years

What sports require long legs?

basketball players often have long legs, it helps them shoot especially. also tennis players.

How long does it take to be really good at basketball like so you can be on the honors highschool basketball team?

It depends how long you practice every day

How long do you have to practice to become good at basketball?

I practice for 1hour and 30minutes for 3 times a week and I'm good....!

What education or training is require for basketball?

To play hard .long Hours of practice

How long did Taylor swift practice daily?

1 hour a day

Daily hand practice is good or not?

how can i do imporove sex ?? and long time

What did women basketball players wear in 1912?

long black skirts and plaid overalls

How long do college basketball players have to stay before going to NBA?

about one year

Who are the top 25 college basketball players ever?

ESPN is currently doing a season long ranking of the top 25 players in college basketball history. It is a little out of wack in my opinion

How long do pro soccer players practice?

2-5 hours on average.

Do some basketball players wear one long sleeve to cover gang tattoos?


Who is the best two players in Etowah city basketball league?

Jackson Long and Jake Crowder

How long do NFL football players practice?

bout 3-4 hours day

How long do non professinial soccer players practice?

Practice for non professional players is not as reguated as that of professional players. It varies, depending on the quality and reputation of the academy/club they play for. The higher rated academies ensure 5-6 hours of practice for their players but otherwise it is much lesser than Pro Footballers.

Why are basketball jerseys long?

They cater to the length of the players. They still wear large xlarge etc but theyre just long in length.

What is basketball like now?

Today basketball players have long shorts. But during about 1920-1990 they had really short shorts. Now they have glass backboards and a collapsible.

Can NFL practice squad players play in games?

yes, The 8 practice squad players can play in any game so long as the team keeps the active roster to the 53 man limit

Why are basketball hoops ten feet tall?

it is because most basketball players are over 6 feet tall and have long arms as well so if the rim were any lower it'd be extremely easy for players to make baskets.

Is it ok if a middle school basketball team has 8 players?

Yes as long as there are 5 on the field and three on the bench

How long before time out in basketball?

Timeouts are called by the coaches, to discus plays with their players. There is no certain time for timeouts.