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To play hard .long Hours of practice

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Q: What education or training is require for basketball?
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Training required to become a basketball player?

Where would you get any training or an education for basketball?

Basketball player required education and training?

There is no education required to become a basketball player, other than basketball knowledge. Much training, however, is necessary. One cannot be a good player unless a large amount of training is put in.

What education or training is require to become a lawyer?

to become a lawyer the education require is at least 8 years

What education and training do you need to play basketball?

You need to know the fundamentals.

What careers in the future will require no training or education?

A con artist!

What education or training do you need for the NBA?

you have to be good at basketball. better than anyone you have met.

Is it possible to get trained in Basketball by watching Basketball Training Videos?

You may actually have to get out there on the court and shoot some hoops. However, the training videos are a very smart compliment to your thirst for excellence. No, it is not possible to be trained in basketball by watch training videos. Videos can be an aid to your basketball education, but only active practice can train you to become a basketball player.

What education and training is needed for basketball?

you need a bachelor degree and you have to be gud gotta cut hair straight

What percentage of careers will require little or no training or education?

23 percent, including puke eater!

What education does OSHA require that you be given?

OSHA does not require education. It does require that employees receive training about the hazards to which they may be exposed during their employment and the means that are used (including their own appropriate actions) to protect them from those hazards.

Is an LPN the highest rank in nursing?

No, there is the registered nurse, and nurse practitioners that require advanced training and education.

Who were the first basketball players?

The first basketball players were the students in Dr. James Naismith's physical education class at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusettes, USA.

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