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There are two halves, each half is 15 minutes long

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Q: How long are quarters in college basketball?
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How many quarters does an ncaa basketball game have?

NCAA is college basketball. College basketball has 2 20-minutes halves (no quarters.) High school basketball has 4 8-minute quarters. NBA (professional basketball) has 4 12-minute quarters.

How many halves are in a high school basketball game?

In college basketball there are halves that are 20 minutes long In high school basketball there are quarters that are 8 minutes long In NBA there are quarters that are 12 minutes long

How many quarters in a college basketball game?

College basketball games are divided into halves.

How many quarters are in a basketballgame?

there is 4 in an NBA game and 4 in a NCAA basketball game or college basketball.

Did college basketball always used halves instead of quarter?

No, they used to be quarters.

A professional basketball game is made up of four of these?

A professional basketball game is made up of 4 quarters.

Are their quarters in each half of college basketball?

no, just 2 halves or 3 periods

Has college basketball always been without quarters?

yes it has always been divided into to halves

How long is a college basketball game?

A College Basketball game is 40 minutes long. 20 minutes each half.

Are there four quarters in a women's college basketball game?

in nba there are 4 quaters in college there are two 20 minute halves :) hope i helped

How long are the quarters in a college basketball game?

College basketball is played in halves, with 20 minutes per half. Only high school and NBA play quarters.

How long does an Olympic basketball game last?

middle school and high school are both 4 8 min quarters, college is 2 20 min half, and the NBA is 4 12 min quarters