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3 days

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Q: How long all together does all the London Olympic games running events go for?
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How many events will there be in the olympic games in London?

302 events

What Olympic events did Caribbean Athletes participate in the 2008 Olympic Games?

they participated in the running

Will there be 106 events at the London Olympic?

there will be 106 games in the Olympics

How many events are in London 2012 Olympic Games?

There were 41.

What events are happening in outside of London?


What olympic events are Spain entering in?

Follow the related link for a full list of Olympic Events that Spain are taking part in in the Summer 2012 Olympics in London.

What events are happening outside of London in the 2012 Olympic Games?


How many olympic sports are there in the London 2012 Olympic games?

There are 26 sports and 39 disciplines for the 302 events

What is the running events in track in the Olympic?

well my friend the events are rape, rape, rape and finally rape

Where is the majority of London Olympic events being held?


What events are happening outside of London where?

How can normal people get involved in the olympic games

Are there dream events on Mario and sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games?


In what country did running first originate in the Olympic Games?

Some running events were included in the original Greek games.

What Olympic events take part in great Britain instead of london?

Some events - like football (soccer) and sailing will be held in other parts of Britain, but most will be in London.

What other events were introduced in to the ancient olympic games?

The Ancient Olympic Events are: Boxing Chariot Riding Riding Pankration Penathlon Discus Javelin Jump Running Wrestling

What location are the track and field events for the summer Olympics in 2012 held?

The track and field athletics events are being held at the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London E20 2ST

What events were in first ever olympic?

boxing,discus,equestrian events,javelin,jumping,pankration,pentathalon,running,wrestling

How many tracks in Olympic running?

Just one track, few different events on it.

What were the different events for olympic games?

running long jump hurdles and shammy faces

What is the Olympic record and world record for the men's 4000m run?

The Olympics does not feature a 4000m distance for running and thus no record exists for it. In fact, Olympic running events jump from the 1500m to the 5000m. In regard to world records, the 4000m is again not recognized. The closest is the 2 mile (3219m) and the 5000m running events.

What Olympic sports or events is New Zealand not entering?

nz is not competing in running or high jump

What were the first five events in the ancient Olympic games?

Running, wrestlling, boxing, pankration, pentathalon.

Where is the diving going to be done in the London Olympics?

Diving events will be at the Aquatics Centre within the Olympic Park

How many events in decathalon?

There are ten events in an Olympic Decathlon. Some of the events include running, shooting a rifle, bicycling, and swimming. The decathlon takes two days for all of the events to be finished.

Approximately how many London Olympic tickets were sold?

Nearly 11 million tickets were sold to the 2012 Olympic Games that were held in London. Prices for tickets ranged from $30 for standard seating to over $3,000 for specialty events.