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Q: Is there a historical ranking of popularity of Tennis players?
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Who are the male Spanish lawn tennis players ranked in the top the ATP rankings and what are their rankings?

Male Spanish lawn tennis players of the atp ranking

Who are the best male Austrian Tennis Players?

Your question only leads to opinions. A better question would be, "Who are thee top ranking Austrian Tennis Players?"

Difference between qualifying tennis player and tennis player?

Players with lower ranking usually play qualification round before starting official main tournament. This way they prove that they are currently in good players form to battle with higher ranking competitors. Famous and large tennis tournaments have minimum 3 qualification rounds.

How is tennis financed?

Tennis tournaments are usually financed by side of sponsors TV and commercial rights. They pay the players who perform, depending on the scored ranking of the current tournament.

Who are the rank 1 men and women Tennis players?

As per the recent ranking (October, 2011) by ATP, Novak Djokovic of Serbia is No. 1 in Men's Tennis and Caroline Wozniaki of Denmark is No. 1 in Women's Tennis.

How many ranking points for getting to the quarter final of the US Open in tennis?

Tennis players earn 360 points for making it to the quarter finals in any Grand Slam.

How can you get a world ranking in tennis?

you get a world ranking in tennis by first being good at tennis and second of all winning competions like the astralia open etc

Where is table tennis popular in the world?

Mostly in Asia in countries such as China and Korea. It is also popular in Germany and Sweden as both of these countries have produced world class players. Normally, countries that produce top players find that table tennis popularity improves there.

Who are the tennis players who live in Florida?

There are many tennis players training in Florida because they have some of the best tennis players in the world including Bolliteri tennis academy.

How do you get a tennis sponsorship?

It depends on the company you wish to sponsor you. Most companies have ranking requirements for junior players. For example, one company may require you to be top 50 in the country as a junior to be sponsored. Some companies give product discounts as well depending on ranking. Professional level players are sponsored by ranking as well but also what type of television exposure the athlete may receive.

What does it mean to defend ranking points in tennis?

In tennis, world rankings are determined by points. Players earn points throughout the year by competing well in multiple tournaments on the pro tour. This system means that the no. 2 player can beat the no.1 player in any given match, but they will not be guaranteed to takeover the no.1 spot. Thus players must defend ranking points if they want to remain at the top of the world rankings.

Where do these sports rank please football tennis table tennis swimming cricket and f1 racing cars?

Are you asking about their rank in world popularity? If it were popularity, then, in decreasing order: Football, Tennis, F1, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming

Are there any Australian tennis players?

Yes there are lots of Australian Tennis Players.

What is the number of tennis players?

The top number of tennis players in a game is 4.

When was Top Players' Tennis created?

Top Players' Tennis was created in 1989.

When did Top Players' Tennis happen?

Top Players' Tennis happened in 1989.

Why do tennis players return the tennis ball back to opponent?

Tennis players must serve or return the tennis ball back to opponent in order to continue the tennis game.

How many tennis players are there in the world?

There are over 1000000000 tennis players in the whole world.

How many players in a lawn tennis doubles?

there are 4 players in lawn tennis doubles.

Where is tennis ranked in sports popularity?

Tennis hold a second rank in worldwide sports

What is the tennis players favorite place to play?

A tennis court, for tennis.

Why is Serena Williams and Venus Williams famous tennis players?

because they are famous tennis players

What kind of sports bag is best for tennis players?

A duffle bag is the best for tennis players.

What do we call Tennis played with two players on each side?

Tennis played with two players on each side is called doubles tennis.

What is tennis ranking?

in Jr. tennis, you play USTA matches to earn your ranking. The more times you win or advance into the next round, the higher your ranking. also, beating someone whose ranking is higher than you will boost your ranking up. most rankings are regional, state, or national. in professional tennis, its mostly the same, but its ranked for bigger tournaments, like the US open, Australian open, etc. If you watch a big tournament on tv, it will most of the time tell you who is ranked what and what their ranking will be if they win the tournament.