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Every sport has its own dangers. Just don't do anything stupid while youre an ameteur.

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Q: How is skateboarding dangerous?
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Is skateboarding the danurous thing to ride?

Yes skateboarding can be dangerous, wear a helmet.

Which is more dangerous longboarding or skateboarding?

My Mom

What makes ripstick dangerous?

Actually, getting a Ripstick is a lot safer than skateboarding. The initial trying it out and learning how to turn is hard, but nothing else. Skateboarding is much more dangerous.

Is skateboarding more dangerous than motocross?

Heck no skateboarding is safer than motoross because its not electric and you can flip it esier

Is skateboarding dangerous?

yes...but if you wear the right equipment (which most people dont) its not terriblely dangerous

Is skateboarding more dangerous then football?

Hek yea dude

Which is more dangerous skateboarding or bmx?

Skateboarding is a lot more dangerous because when you fall there is nothing to hold you up or help you keep balance. On a bike, you could get hurt but you have a better risk of catching yourself.

How skateboarding is played?

skateboarding isn't played, it is done. Once you get good you can enter a competition, where you are judged by how clean you skate and how complicated or dangerous your tricks are.

What do you do when your a girl and you want to try out skateboarding?

ask your parents if they will agree with you. just think that gender is not a hindrance on what you like to do but keep in mind that skateboarding is a dangerous sport. accidents happen most of the time.

Is skateboarding like skateboarding?

skateboarding is 1/4 like skateboarding

Which is more dangerous skiing or skateboarding?

i think it depends if ur like skiing in certain terrain then skiing but if ur like grinding off step (easy stuff is less dangerous than skiing such as flat rails not near steps or at a angle ) and ollying off like 5 steps then skateboarding.

Which is more dangerous skateboarding or surfing?

I am a intermediate surfer and i surf with a longboard. Skateboarding is more dangerous because if u fall on the ground u get wounds. If u wipeout in surfing, its more safer if u hit the water... If u surf, find a beach that has a sandy bottom and ask any lifeguards if they are any sharks. It is more unlikely to be attacked by a shark... I think skateboarding is more dangerous... cuz moving on the skateboard is harder and boring and riding on a surfboard more easy and more fun.... Rate on this answer!!

What type of skateboarding equipment will prevent the most injury?

Skateboarding is a very dangerous activity and is responsible for many injuries and hospital visits. A helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads are the most important pieces of equipment for preventing injuries.

Who invests in skateboarding?

skateboarding people......

What is better hockey or skateboarding?


Is skateboarding one of the dangers sport?

It all depends on how far you go I'd say football is more dangerous

Is skateboarding an activity or a sport?

Both - skateboarding is popular with children, and so too are skateboarding competitions.

Does skateboarding make you skillful?

Yes, at skateboarding

What are the laws for skateboarding?

there are no laws to skateboarding , you do what you feel .

What is better for your health surfing or skateboarding?


Who made skateboarding a sport?

Skateboarding is NOT a sport.

What is more popular skateboarding or biking?


Why is skateboarding good?

Skateboarding is an exercise and a skill.

Are there any skateboarding lessons in norwich?

No, there are no such things as skateboarding lessons because skateboarding is not a sport it is a lifestyle and is individual.

What should a general audience know about skateboarding?

Its dangerous and anyone who skate and does big stuff takes a lot of guts and shouldn't be critisized (sp)