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Q: What is more popular skateboarding or biking?
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Is surfing or skateboarding more popular?

I think Skateboarding is more popular.

When was skateboarding the most popular?

Skateboarding is getting more and more popular everyday so the answer is today

What are good sports for the summer?

skateboarding or biking

What is more popular bmx or mountain biking?

mountain biking definately

Skateboarding vs baseball which is popular?

Baseball is more popular.

What is more popular skateboarding or basketball?

Basketball is a more widely played sport but I guess its whoever you talk to Skateboarding is much more popular than basketball because I ask people what is your favorite sport between basketball or skateboarding and they say skateboarding.

What physical activities should you wear a helmet?

Skateboarding Biking Hockey

What is more popular skateboarding or baseball?

Baseball. It's Americas sport although skateboarding is one of the most popular extreme sports

Was skateboarding popular?

Vert skateboarding was much more popular in the early through late eighties until street skateboarding began to rise in popularity in the early nineties. Skateboarding is much more popular presently than it was in the legacy years of the seventies and eighties. Both vert and street skating have a healthy following to date.

How popular is skateboarding?

very popular

Is skateboarding an activity or a sport?

Both - skateboarding is popular with children, and so too are skateboarding competitions.

Where is skateboarding popular?

Skateboarding is popular in most countries. That's why they have different contests for world-wide skaters. Skateboarding is most popular in the United States. Specifically, Skateboarding is most popular in California. California has many skateboading parks and lots of skateboarding stores. If you wanted to skateboard I would recommend California.

Is football more popular than mountain biking?

Regardless of which football you mean, yes.

What made skateboarding popular?

The Tricks.

How popular is skateboarding in the media?


Where is skateboarding popular in?

definetly in California

Did skateboarding become less popular?


Which one is better skateboarding biking or scootering?

scootering vs. skateboarding I have to say, Scootering is safer because it has a handle bar and Skateboarding is not. It is also noisy while Pro Scooters (not *%*&@!# razors) are smooth and silent. Skateboarding is not necessarly harder than scootering but scootering is alot better.

When was skateboarding most popular?

right now

What activities are not popular with German Teens?


What is the popularity of skateboarding in California?

its really popular

Who made skateboarding popular again?


Name a sport that's centered around doing tricks?

Skateboarding, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Trick Biking, Snowboarding

What is something embarrassing about Justin Bieber?

He is claustrophobic and he always gets beaten at races (biking, skateboarding) by girls! But otherwise he is awesom

What is the most popular type of biking?

Casual riding.