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Soccer has many benefits for children at a young age. From the physical aspects, soccer is primarly running and at the least walking. This cardio workout works the heart and lower muscles. As the kids get older, this fitness develops into not only the lower body, but the core and upper body. Socially, soccer also has benefits, in the sense that it is teaching kids to communicate and interact with others. Not only this, but how to work as a team to complete a common goal.

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Q: How is playing soccer healthy for little kids?
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kids should play soccer because it is healthy and you can get in shape.

Why do pro soccer players get walked out by little kids?

to make kids feel important

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When was Action for Healthy Kids created?

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How many years do you have to be to be a soccer player?

Kids can start playing soccer at 3-4 years old, learning the basic skills of kicking, not using hands, and shooting for the goal.

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How has soccer changed over time?

They have got better rules and proper referees, more teams and a lot more players and now they have have started little kids soccer clubs so that the kids don't have to wait 20 years before they can play.

When is kids soccer season?

in the winter