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you dont ever stop moving with and without the ball there is constant activity

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Q: How is lacrosse the fastest sport on two feet?
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What running sport is the fastest?

Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet.

What is the fastest sport in the world?

lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet not soccer, soccer doesn't have a shot clock and hockey your on skates not your own two feet. so soccer can kiss my buttox

What is the fastest team sport on two legs?

Lacrosse is most defiinitely the fastest.

Can you run with the ball in lacrosse?

Yes! Lacrosse is one of the fastest games on two feet.

Is football the fastest game on two feet?

Some might believe that but truly it is said that lacrosse is 'the fastest game on two feet'.

Fastest growing sport in UK?

Womens football. The two fastest growing sports for men are lacrosse and cross country running.

Can lacrosse help you louse weight?

Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet so it gets you in shape cause you run alot.

What is the all American sport?

soccer,football,basketball, and baseball i love the world PS ;flvjs;dfkh;gh DONT FORGET LACROSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lacrosse is actually the first sport in America, played by the NATIVE AMERICANS. it is also the fastest growing sport in America and is known as the fastest sport on two feet. In native American terms it is known as little brother of war. lacrosses' originality is American and was played by the native Americans before Christopher Columbus discovered America. lacrosse is also one of the most expensive sports. lacrosse is played proudly with honor, respect, and class (or at least that's how we role in RB).

Why is lacrosse the fastest game on two feet?

probably because they are always moving up and down the field trying to get a goal, pass, or steal

What countries have lacrosse as their national sport?

Canada is one. Yet Canada has two.....Lacrosse as the summer sportIce Hockey as the winter sport

Is Lacrosse a team sport?

Yes; lacrosse is played by two teams of 10 members each.

Is lacrosse Canada's national sport yes or no?

Yes, but it's one of two. Canada has two national sports. The official summer sport is lacrosse, while their official winter sport is ice hockey.

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