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Tony Sr. and Dale Sr. are not related, they were just lifelong friends. Dale Sr. married Brenda Gee (Dale Jr. and Kelley's mom) and Tony Sr. married Brenda's sister Sandra.

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2010-04-10 22:50:26
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Q: How is Tony Eury Sr. related to Dale Earnhardt Sr.?
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How is Tony Eury Jr. related to Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Tony Eury Jr. is Dale Earnhardt Jr's cousin. Tony Eury Sr. and Dale Earnhardt Sr. were brother-in-laws, they married Sandra and Brenda Gee.

Which crew chief has the most wins with Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Tony Eury Jr.

What is Dale Earnhardt Jr's cousin's name?

Dale Jr's cousin and former crew chief is Tony Eury Jr.

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr. have a family?

Dale Jr's immediate family is his mother Brenda, sister Kelley, cousin Tony Eury Jr. and uncle Tony Eury Sr. There is a lot of family involvement with JR Motorsports. He is not married.

Does Kelley Earnhardt work for Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Kelley Earnhardt works for JR Motorsports. Kelley, along with Dale Jr., Tony Eury Jr. and Rick Hendrick, co-own JR Motorsports.

Is Tony Eury Jr. still Dale Earnhardt Jr's crew chief?

No. Lance McGrew replaced Tony Eury Jr. as crew chief in June 2009. Steve Letarte will now be Dale Jr's crew chief starting in 2011.

Who were the crew chiefs for Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series?

Over the years, Dale Jr. has had several crew chiefs serving double duty in both series. Some of the notable names are Tony Eury Sr., Tony Eury Jr., Tony Gibson, Steve Hmiel, Pete Rondeau, Kevin "Bono" Manion and Lance McGrew.

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr. own a Nationwide Series car?

Yes. Dale Jr. is a co-owner of JR Motorsports, which fields Nationwide Series cars. His three partners are, his cousin Tony Eury Jr., his sister Kelley Earnhardt and his Sprint Cup team owner Rick Hendrick.

How many crew chiefs has Dale Earnhardt Jr had in the Nascar Cup Series?

Since Dale Jr. started Nascar Cup Series racing, he has had seven total crew chiefs. His eighth will be Greg Ives in 2015. When he started in 2000 up until the end of 2004 it was Tony Eury Sr. and Tony Eury Jr. The 2005 season started with Pete Rondeau until the end of May. Steve Hmiel filled in until September, and Tony Eury Jr. came back for the last 10 races. Tony Eury Jr. stood as crew chief from the end of 2005 until May 2009, when he was replace by Lance McGrew. Tony Gibson filled in for the suspended Eury Jr. for 6 races in 2007. Steve Letarte has been the crew chief for Dale Jr. from 2011 - 2014.

Is JR Motorsports part of Hendrick Motorsports in the Nationwide Series now?

JR Motorsports has been in a partnership with Rick Hendrick since Junior joined Hendrick Motorsports in 2008. JR Motorsports is owned by Dale Jr., Rick Hendrick, Tony Eury Jr. (Dale Jr's cousin), and Kelley Earnhardt (Dale Jr's sister). The team uses Hendrick Motorsports engines in the Nationwide Series.

Who has won the Budweiser Shootout and the Gatorade Duel in one year?

I think only Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Sr., Buddy Baker, Neil Bonnett, Darrell Waltrip and Tony Stewart have also done it.

Why is Dale Earnhardt Jr. so awesome?

That depends on who you are asking. In my opinion, he is not awesome at all and that Tony Stewart is much better.

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