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if your talking about a celing then the height of a gym at a elementary or middle school. if yuor talking about the hieght of the net then i varys from age group to age group

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Q: How high does an indoor volleyball court need to be?
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How far away do you have to be to serve in volleyball?

If you are playing on an indoor court than you need to stand just behind the line.

All equipment needed for volleyball?

for the court you need, a net, volleyball and poles. you should have knee pads and socks and athletic shoes if your playing indoor.

Similaraties between volleyball and beach volleyball?

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are two completely different sports. In sand volleyball, the ball is not his nearly as hard as it would be if the players were on a court. For this reason, the ball doesn't go as fast and there is no need for six players to be on a sand court. Sand court only requires two players on each side of the net where as indoor volleyball needs six. The only similarities really, are that there is a ball, a net, and the same basic rules (aside from setting). In sand volleyball, if a set is spinning, even a little, you will get called on it, where as court is a little more lenient. So altogether, these two sports are assumed to be the same, but in reality, are completely different.

What do you need for youth girls volleyball?

You need a jersey supplied by the team, A volleyball (mabey) You need the correct shoes (for indoor) You need a team

How many Yards of sand for volleyball court?

to build a volleyball court you will need about 3 or 4 yards of sand

What are the materials for volleyball?

All you need to play volleyball is a net, a court, a volleyball, 6 amazing volleyball players.! you cant go wrong with that!

What are the facilities of Volleyball?

You need a ball, a net, and a court.

What are the things you need in volleyball?

-Obviously, a volleyball. -Gym shoes are needed for indoor volleyball, and no shoes are needed for beach volleyball. Socks are a must if you are wearing gym shoes. -Knee Pads are not required for indoor volleyball, but they really do help a lot. -Hair up in a ponytail with a headband (If allowed). -Water -A Uniform, if needed/required

How many players do you need for volleyball?

you need 6 on court and 6 on bench

What materails are used for a volleyball court?

you will obviously need a volleyball! and a volleyball net is needed. It depends on whether the court is outside or inside. if the court is inside, a gym at a school will most likely already have the lines painted on the floor. If the court is outside, a wire/rope can be spiked into the ground creating the playing area.

What equipment do you need to play high school volleyball?

You need Knee pads, Good tennis shoes(look for court shoes, they are better than running shoes) and Knee high socks. you can find all of this at a sporting goods store. Also some schools require you to have your own volleyball, but you have to check with the coach or school sports director.

What do you need to play volleyball?

To play volleyball all you really need is a place to play, a volleyball, and some friends. If you want to get more technical you wold need skill, mental toughness, a court, volleyballs, and twelve people( 6 on each side).

What you need to play volleyball?

To play volleyball all you really need is a place to play, a volleyball, and some friends. If you want to get more technical you wold need skill, mental toughness, a court, volleyballs, and twelve people( 6 on each side).

Why do you need volleyball shoes?

Volleyball shoes or court shoes are used because they have gum material on the bottom so that they don't mark the court floor and they have better grip so you are less likely to slip.

How many peaple in a volleyball team?

You need 6 people on court, but you need at LEAST 2 substitutes in case one of the players on court gets hurt.

Volleyball Equipment For the Best Game Ever?

One of the most popular sports to play at the beach is volleyball. Some beaches already have nets set up just for that purpose. Beach volleyball can be extremely fun to play, and it isn't as competitive as a professional game or some of the games played on a volleyball court. The most important and well-known piece of volleyball equipment is the ball. Volleyballs comes in both the indoor ball and the outdoor ball. The balls all come in different sizes and are are made to be played on a short court or a large court. There are even volleyballs made especially for the beach. The outdoor volleyballs are waterproof. Poles and fences are also needed for volleyball. The beach games will especially need the fences. Indoor games are usually played on a hard gym surface which is already in place. Outdoor volleyball courts may have to be constructed with the surface laid out and the poles and nets put into the ground appropriately. The poles are made of plastic to keep injuries to a minimum. Volleyball padding is also used to wrap around the poles and this padding is available in a variety of bright colors. Boundary lines are needed to set the official boundaries of play. These also comes in a variety of colors and should be made of zinc plated steel corner rings, heavy weight webbing and center court markings. For indoor volleyball, sleeves and sockets are also necessary. This is true of floating wooden floors which need to expand and contract with any changes in the humidity. A volleyball antenna set also comes with velcro and in different sizes and colors depending on the size of the court. Some smaller pieces of volleyball equipment include a very important ball pump to keep that volleyball in shape for the entire game. Volleyball bags are perfect for those who take the game very seriously and need to have a special bag to carry their shoes, ball, and any other equipment. Most of the volleyball equipment used outdoors is coated with a strong UV protection to keep the colors looking brand new over the years.

How is high school volleyball different from collegiate volleyball?

First of all high school volleyball is much different form collegiate volleyball because, most of the collegiate players have been given scholarships to play the sport in high school you basically TRYOUT and then you'll see if you make the team. Also for collegiate you need a lot of experience.

How is volleyball related to math?

Volleyball is related to math. You can calculate the balls weight and distance and speed to calculate how hard to hit the volleyball. Or you can calculate the area of the court your playing on. Another way math is related to volleyball is, when your volleyball goes flat, you'll need to know how much air to pump in it. Volleyball is related to math.

How far apart should the poles be for a volleyball net?

The standard volleyball court is 30 ft wide so the poles need to be 36 ft apart. This gives you 3 ft on each side of the court for clearance before you run into the poles.

Indoor basketball court dimensions?

Full court is 94x50 or 84x50. All you really need is half court, so make it half as long but keep it wide as you can so you can meake 3 pointers.

What are the cost of the equipment needed of volleyball?

It depends on the type of volleyball. For beach or sand volleyball, you need no special equipment to play. Shorts or a swim suit is really all you need. Maybe some sunglasses! For indoor volleyball, you'll need athletic shoes in general, court shoes if you want better traction. Court shoes are shoes specifically designed to provide good traction and support on indoor courts. Athletic shoes can cost as little as $25 a pair, but volleyball shoes can cost up to and more than $100 a pair. I have only worn my volleyball shoes on pavement three times in the 2 years I've had them because they cost so much. So one part of the cost is how well you take care the equipment. For indoor, you'll also want a pair of knee pads and maybe elbow pads, though elbow pads are rare. Knee pads can cost between $15 and $30 a pair. So for indoor, to play casually, you'll probably spend $50 or so on shoes (if you don't have them already) and knee pads. If you grow into a more serious player, you could spend many hundreds of dollars on volleyballs shoes, warm-ups, bags, knee pads and other ancillary personal equipment. Lastly, you'll want a volleyball. These vary in cost from $25-50 per ball. Do not skimp on the ball. Get a good ball from a reputable athletic goods company. If you are under 11 years old, you'll want what is called a volley-lite. This is a regulation sized ball for players 12 and under. If you are nearing 12 or are older, you'll want a regulation adult sized volleyball. This is all assuming you are interested in playing with someone else's court, sand pit or beach. Nets, posts and the like will cost more than $200 just for the net and up from there.

How many points do you need to score to win a high school volleyball game?

25 :D

How many points do you need to win a volleyball game?

10 points for beach volleyball as long as you win by 2 points. court volleyball, junior varsity goes to 20 and varsity goes to 25, but you still must win by 2.

What do you need in the game volleyball?

You need : Knee pads Spanex Shorts Volleyball Socks Volleyball Shoes A Volleyball Water - All of this can Be found at

What do the volleyball coaches need to know about volleyball?

Volleyball coaches need to be able to know a lot.You need to know ALL of the different hits that are illegal and legal hits to do in an actual volleyball game.You need to know different formations in volleyball. Especially important for high school coaches to be able to identify different plays and formations.You need to be able to know how to do practice drills and how to get the practice drills incorporated with the actual volleyball skill.Those are the most important things a coach need to know. There are many more things out there though.