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it is an ollie as long as all four wheels leave the ground

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Q: How high does a ollie have to be to be a ollie?
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How do you ollie with a heavy skateboard?

to ollie on a high skateboard you have to push twice as hard and slide your foot up

Who has the highiest ollie and how high?

Danny Wainright. 44.5 inches

Why can't I Ollie as high as I can jump?

When coming into the process of skateboarding when learning your ollie's, it's all about jumping. If you can jump high, but not get your skateboard at the same level something is wrong. In order to ollie as high as you jump, is by lifting your back foot as high as you can, but at the same time try to do an ollie north, but don't. This will allow the board to become air born and follow your feet after. Remember this takes a lot of practice so stat now. From your average skater

How do you do an Ollie without speed and get high?

You can't get air without speed

How do you ollie high while moving?

Practice doing ollies without moving. When you mastered an ollie without moving then just ride a little bit and ollie. Keep on riding longer and olling until you get the hang of it.

Is it good if an 11 year old can ollie at least a foot high?

Yes that is good. most younger children cannot ollie above a foot.

Is it necessary that skateboard tail touches the ground while popping an Ollie?

no, sometimes i don't hit the ground when I'm doing an ollie but you don't do as high :)

When you ollie on a skateboard how do you make the tail come up faster?

WELL, that's the reason that you slide your foot up when you ollie. If your problem is you're not getting high enough, then suck up both your legs to your chest after you pop and slide your foot up. Making new connections in your brain, like how to ollie, takes a lot of practice, so don't feel bad if you can't ollie well yet. It took me like 4 months to ollie high enough to ollie a curb! And it took me like 9 months to kickflip moving!

How high should a normal ollie be?

When starting skateboarding it is an acheivement to be able to perform an ollie but when you have been skating for ages you can expect to get higher because of the added practice, there is no such thing as a normal ollie is all to do with practice and level of skill. Hope i helped Matt

Who is ollie Taylor?

The great inventor of ollie^^

How do you ollie higher on a skateboard?

make sure you bring your nees up as high as you can and your moving as fast as you can!

Can you do a ollie from a manual on a skate board?

yes you can its the same thing except the ollies won't be as high

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