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cricket and horse racing

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Q: What sports get the most media coverage in Australia?
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Which sports received the most coverage for Australia?

cricket and horse racing

What are the US's national sports?

Currently, the main sports in the US are football, baseball, basketball and auto racing. These sports are among the most popular ones in terms of attendance and media coverage.

Which is the famous sports of australia?

Cricket and rugby are the most famous sports in Australia.

Why does soccer get the most media coverage in South Africa?

Because its awesome. =)

Which sport gets the most media coverage in south Africa?


What sport receives the most media coverage?

Futbol?Just a guess...

What is the popularity of India? measures the popularity - number of mentions in media coverage - of subects reported in international media. The link below lists countries ranked by their media coverage (in international media) . In this list, India is second most popular - most mentioned - country, right after China.

What conditions are people most likely to vote?

When the media coverage of the election is intense (plato)

Which sport received the most coverage for Australia in the sydney 2000 Olympics?

believe it or not breathing was the sport that got the most coverage at the 2000 olympic games

What sports are covered through USA Today Sports news coverage?

Most every popular US sport is covered through USA Today Sports news coverage. Depending on the season currently happening depends on the sports covered.

What sports has Australia won the most medals in?


What are the three most popular sports played in Australia?


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