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It depends on what type of gymnastics you are talking about.

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Q: How has technology changed gymnastics?
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How has gymnastics changed?


Has gymnastic changed over the years?

Yes, gymnastics has changed over the years. Before, gymnasts would compete in the nude. That is one of the many ways that gymnastics has changed.

How has gymnastics changed over there years?

yes it has changed over many years

How has gymnastics changed since it was first invented?

Nothing's changed

How has technology changed netball?

how has technology changed in netball

How has technology changed the way you communicate?

how has technology changed the way we communicate

Have the rules of gymnastics changed overtime?

Yes, the rules of gymnastics change frequently, just like any other politics.

How has technology changed?

it's changed in many ways like the internet and televisions, cell phones, all of it technology has really changed

Why did they change the gymnastics vault table?

I believe it was changed in 2002.

How has technology changed to he way humans adapt to their environment?

how has technology changed to he way humans adapt to their environment

How has technology changed law enforcement?

because it is technology

How do you write an essay about what technology has changed your life?

List the ways technology has changed your life then axpand on each item.

What is a reason the design of buildings changed?

Technology changed so designs changed.

What has changed in the making of technology?

In my opinion, (not saying this may be a fact) technology was changed when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. Technology started out with the basic, everyday things, like the wheel. As people evolved, so did technology.

How has technology changed since 1970?

Technology has gotten faster and more complex since 1970, and the understanding we have of technology has changed. This includes the internet, cell phones, and tablet computers.

How has technology changed crime scene investigation since back then?

technology has changed crime scene investigation by giving it a happier edge

How has gymnastics changed since it started?

Gymnastics has changed considerably since it began in ancient times. When the Olympics was brought back in the late 1800s, it's designers added the parallel bars, uneven bars, balance beam, and a number of other activities to the sport.

How have cameras changed lately?

cameras have changed by technology and are very different

How has technology changed ladies clothing?

the machienes have changed over time.

Where did gymnastics orignate from?

The word gymnastics originates from the Greek word "Gynos". It originates from the rythmic movements the the Greeks did. After, the Romans and the Chinese picked up on it until it has changed into the sport that it is now.

How has technology changed society?

Refrigerator technology has helped improve people's nutrition.

How has technology changed since 1995?

Technology is always evolving and changing everyday. Since 1995 the internet has changed the way the whole world operates.

What are some technologies that have changed the way you live?

Biological technology, electronics, computer technology, and information technology, for example.

Why is gymnastics called gymnastics?

Gymnastics acually means "exercising naked" I know it sounds crazy but it's true. Back then gymnasts performed naked. And girls did not do gymnastics. In fact they weren't allowed in the arena. Eventually gymnastics changed and girls were allowed to do gymnastics in 1928. Now men did not want them to perform naked so they used leotards. Then they made things for boys to wear. Resource book: Going for the Gold by Leigh Olsen.

How has warfare changed over time?

The technology has changed. for instance: artillery to missles