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Fancier venues. Even higher technology.

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Q: How might the Olympic Games change in the future?
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How might the olympic games changes in the future?


Does the colors on the Olympic rings ever change?

no the colors of the olympic rings nevr change because they are symbolistic the only time when they might change is when one of the major countries leave the olympic games

How might natural forces change the western hemisphere in the future?

A description of how natural forces might change the western hemisphere in the future

What women were discriminated in the Olympic games?

all women and if they came to the Olympic games they might t get there heads cut off but if they are lucky they will go to jail

What sports are not included in the Olympic games?

i think it might be football

What might be '2008 OG in B' in a quiz?

2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

How do you get to Lakitu on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic winter games?

You MIGHT be able to get him by a hack.

Is jet the hawk in Mario and sonic at the olympic games?

I don't think so but he might be.

Does lapras evolve?

No, it does not. In possible future games it might.

Is there new Olympic stadium?

yes it is in London for the Olympics 2012 it is the latest so far but they might make more in the future

Why cant you name yourself Peter in Mario Sonic at the Olympic games?

There might be a glitch in your game.

What might cause scientists to change scientific theory?

Because technology might change in the future.