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to jump hard do excercises that build up your calf mussles because those are the muscles that you use to jump and sprint more than any other muscle. try to take a box jump on it, then jump off and on as fast as you can. another thing you can do is jump rope that really builds up muscle. you have to train on a regular basis to jump higher

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Q: How hard do you have to train to jump higher?
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you turn your feet sideways you bend down( like you are about to jump) jump and pull up hard and fast on your handle bars and to get higher you have to jump higher

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Why wont your Arabian horse jump and clear the fence instead of knocking it down what can you do about that?

It cannot jump as high as the fence is, but you can train the horse to jump, but some horses just arent good at it, so dont push your horse to hard.

Can a bharal jump higher than a serval?

no a serval can jump higher

Who can jump higher then a mountain?

Everybody can jump higher then a mountain because mountains cant jump

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It has been proven through countless hours of research that in fact white people have preferable jumping genes to blacks. If everything was equal for a black guy and a white guy chances are the white men would be able to jump higher, but the black people train better and therefore you racist people have the opinion that all blacks can naturally jump higher.

How long does it take to train a binpet to jump?

how do you make a binpet jump

What makes you jump higher and run faster?

Brandon can jump higher then Will Donovan

If you jump in a moving train will you then end up further back in the train?


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yes they can be very hard to train!!!!!

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Your first want to get your horse to lunge. After that, you want to start lunging him over poles. after that you can raise it to a small x-jump or a SMALL vertical. Keep doing that and slowly raise it higher and higher. Once he gets to about 1 ft. , you could start riding him over them.

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well first he needs to learn to jump. Well once you figure out how o do that then you can work on getting higher. When u want to get your pony to jump higher you have to 2 point sooner and higher so he will try to get under you. Its pretty simple. :)