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depending on the run up his average ball travelling speed is about 86mph to a 117mph, which depends on the weight of the ball

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Q: How fast does Roberto carlos kick the ball?
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How fast does Roberto carlos kick a soccer ball?

1000 mph

What is a banana kick?

The banana kick is a freekick with the ball dipping in a curve into the net like a banana, Roberto Carlos was famous for this.

How many free-kick goals Roberto Carlos scored?


How many free kick goals Roberto Carlos scored?


What was the year that Roberto carlos scored free kick on Barcelona?

2003 you boob

How fast can a soccer ball can go?

The Speed of a Soccer Ball depends on your kick.

How fast can you kick a soccer ball?

32 km/h

How fast can Lionel messi kick a ball?

Like lighting.ting.ting

How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo kick a ball?

he has hit it up to 60mph but he may be able to kick it faster

How fast can beckham kick a ball?

He Cant / Brandon try and find this....

How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo free kick the socccer ball?


How do professional soccer players kick the ball so fast?


How fast can a soccer player kick a soccer ball?

222 kmph

How fast do 14 year olds kick a soccer ball?

around 50mph

How can a team in kickball score a point in an inning?

Kick the ball far and run fast.

How fast can you kick a football?

an average pro footballer can hit the ball up to 70mph.

What is the correct way to write rick has a ball will he kick it?

These are correct ways to write it:Rick has a ball. Will he kick it?Will Rick kick the ball he has?Will Rick kick his ball?I wonder if Rick will kick the ball he has?Since Rick has the ball, will he kick it?I hope these suggestions will help!

How do you play kick ball?

Roll a ball catch a ball and kick a ball a run

Who is the best free kick taker in the world in soccer?

Right now, probably Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldinho would be one. Roberto Carlos used to be the best in the world.

What is a straight kick?

A Straight Kick is when you kick a ball & it goes straight. and it is where you kick a ball and it goes straight to where you need it to go.

What is it know as when the ball is to kick in mid air?

When you kick ball in the mid air, you are "punting" the ball.

What does toe the ball mean?

kick the ball Kick the ball with your toe as opposed to kicking the ball with side of you foot.

When a ball is played backwards at kick off?

can you punt the ball on kick off

How you get a home run in a kick ball game?

kick the ball really far

How fast do professional soccer players kick the ball?

the record speed for a soccer ball to have been kicked by a pro soccer player is 110 mph.