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When you kick ball in the mid air, you are "punting" the ball.

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Q: What is it know as when the ball is to kick in mid air?
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What do defenders do in soccer?

Defenders protect the goal. When the ball goes by the offence and the mid field it is the defenders jobs to kick the ball out.

When the ball is at mid air do it have gravitational potential energy?


What are the kick up tricks on fifa 11?

For XBOX (facing forward towards goal) get the ball in the air with RB get the ball in the air in a different way by holding RB for long time mid-air rainbow kick: back, forward, forward mid-air flip-flop: left, right round the world: spin analog when ball is in air round the world both feet: click left thumb in and normal round the world flick the ball to your head: forward right thumb from flick tap the ball with out side of boots: forward/diagonal thumb with timing. from flick hold the ball on your foot: flick the thumb with timing.

Does baketball relate with science?

yes because the ball is pulled to the ground while the ball is in mid-air because of gravity

In soccer what does mid field mean?

Like me, I am a great soccer player what does mid field mean? Is that your question? Well it must be cause that is what you asked Right? Well Mid Field is in soccer most of the time. What it means is that there are 4 positions, Goal keeper, Defense, Offense, And Mid Field well Mid is short for Middle and for the kick off, when somebody kicks the ball in the goal the other team starts with the ball and they do something called a kick off when the Mid. Field kicks the ball to either Left offense or right offense and the middle can go anywhere in the field a score goals but can not touch the ball with their hands only the goal keeper can do that and if you do that, you have to do something called penalty kick when someone try's to shoot in the goal i had to do something like that because my Best friend Elise picked up the ball and she thought she was goal keeper so we had to do a kick and so i was so nervous and then i caught it! Now Elise won't give me ANY silly Bandz have you heard of those they are not allowed on Brookline NH anymore! And do you know the weird thing? I gave her like 20 and now she has 140 and i only have 30 and she won't give me any! don't you feel bad for me?

How do you clear a soccer ball?

You just kick it out toward the sidelines or mid-field, preferably to one of your other players Just make sure you don't kick it, or pass it, toward the goal, always get it as far away as you can

Does anyone know what operates the door to allow air to be tranfered to head mid range heatair in a 1977 corvettei know it is not the vacuum system because it operates the defroster but the mid range?

I have a "77" but have never heard of head mid range heat air. I have had the complete dash out and all heat and air functions to my knowledge are hooked to a vacum system.

When was Mid Pacific Air created?

Mid Pacific Air was created in 1981.

When was Crisis in Mid-Air created?

Crisis in Mid-Air was created in 1975.

What is an adjective of soccer?

To kick or head but the ball into your oponents goal by passing the forwards, mid fielders, defenders, and goalie or goal tender before the other team scores on you by doing the same.

How do you do a grande jetea?

jump and kick your legs out mid jump

Can Chuck Norris swim in mid air?

Yes, in fact he can save lives in mid air.

A falling book in mid-air has what kindof energy?

A falling book in mid-air has what kind of energy?

What do you need to know about right mid in soccer?

What u need to know about right mid socrTo be a right middle feild in soccer you must be quick and be in shape! When your team has the ball you are on offence and you must be wide. If the opponent steals the ball from your team you must quickly get back on defence and be goal side of the other teams left mid. When your team is on offence and you have the ball make sure to cross it to your left mid (if you are a good kicker), shoot it (If your in the box) or simply fake the defender out and pass it to someone close by. That's all you need to know about right middle field.

Can you spike the ball in front of the attack line if you start in the back row?

yes, but make sure you take off before the 3m line and smash the ball in mid-air. or you can spike on the ground but you cannot jump.

If your ball strikes your club face in mid air after your original stroke do you incur a penalty?

When you hit the ball twice in one stroke, you must add a penalty stoke. Which makes that original stroke become two.

What is a meteoriod?

same thing as a meteor. a ball of light thats visible and hits the earth or explodes in mid air

How does a cricket ball swing?

By "polishing" an older ball (say 30-40 overs) on one side only, especially in damp weather, what happens is that the polished side has less air-friction and thus moves faster than the unpolished side, causing turn in mid-air.

How airplane suspended in mid air?

Airplanes are NOT "suspended in mid air" - they move through the air and are supported by 'lift' derived from the differential air pressure above and below their wings.

Can a plane stop in the mid air?

A plane can not completely stop in the air unless it is a special type of plane. Normal passenger or commercial planes as well as military planes can not stop completely in mid air though some helicopters can stop in mid air.

Does a player have to have two feet on the ground in basketball to constitute possession of the ball?

No. You can have one foot on the ground or no feet on the ground as long as the player has secured the ball. ie. A player can signal for a timeout in mid-air as long as he/she has secured the ball and signaled for the timeout before stepping out of bounds.

What is needed to know to make track good?

ATC (air traffic control), is needed to make sure the skies are maintained, so that no mid-air collisions occur.

If gravity did not affect the path of a horizontall thrown ball the ball would?

If air resistance is taken into account, the ball would continue moving in a horizontal direction, slowing as it went and then stop - suspended in mid air. If there were no air resistance, the ball would continue to move in a straight line for ever. However, the surface of the earth would curve downwards (because it is a sphere) and so, relative to the earth, the ball would fly off at a tangent into space. Of course, all this begs the question as to why the person who threw the ball did not fly off onto space long before throwing the ball!

Can water freeze in mid air?

It can freeze in mid-air if the temp. is below 32 degrees. Best is when it is below 0 degrees

When did First mid-air collision of airliners happen?

First mid-air collision of airliners happened on 1922-04-07.

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