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About 85 90 mph

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Q: How fast can a 250 2 stroke dirt bike go?
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How fast is a 2 stroke 250 cc dirt bike?

About 75-80 mph.

What is the best 250 four stroke dirt bike?


How fast is a Honda CR 250 2 stroke dirt bike?

It Goes About 100mph . . . Unless Your Super F A T . . .

How fast can an Apollo Orion 250 cc dirt bike go?

how fast does 250cc Orion dirt bike go

Is a Yamaha YZ 250 dirt bike a two stroke?

Yes, a YZ 250 is a 2 stroke, a YZ 250F is a 4 stroke.

What was chad reed's first dirt bike?

Suzuki 250 2 stroke

I am 5'6 and 182 pounds what dirt bike should i get?

a 250 4 stroke

What size dirt bike does travis pastrana do the double back flip on?

250 2 stroke

What is the world's fastest 2 stroke 250cc dirt bike?

A KTM 250sx is the worlds fastest 250 2 stroke dirtbike.

What is pastrana's favorite dirt bike?

He rides a Suzuki RM 250 2-stroke. It's not necessarily his favorite bike, but it is who he is sponsored by.

What can you do if you don't have enough money to by a new 250 dirt bike?

Buy a USED 250 dirt bike.

What type of vehicle is a Yamaha YZ 250?

The Yamaha YZ 250 is a motorcycle, a dirt bike to be more specific. It comes in blue and white. It is a 2 stroke dirt bike which is typically used in motocross racing or just going out for a ride in the desert.

Is a Yamaha 250 dirt bike faster then a kx 250?


What kind of crankshaft gear oil does a 1991 250 kdx dirt bike take?

Should be regular 2 stroke oil

What is the fastest 2stroke dirt bike?

personally i think that the ktm 250 is the fastest 2 stroke but i think that the fastest 4 stroke is a honda 250 but both will set you back about 4-5 grand brand new

What size dirt bike would be good for a 23yrs begginner that is 5'9 165 pounds?

I would say a 250 4 stroke or a 125 2 stroke,since you are a begginer.I think a 250 2 strke might be dangerous.

What is the most powerfull engine in the world?

the fastest dirt bike in the world is the 250 4 stroke engine out boarded with cases it does about t hundred on the straight

What is an enduro bike?

An enduro bike is specialised for nature of the sport, with the deep suspension of a motocross bike combined with the features required to make it legal for the public road portions of the course. Engines are generally single-cylinder two stroke between 125 and 300cc. or four stroke between 250 and 650cc. It really is a mix of a road bike and a dirt bike. it has the knobby tires and suspension of a dirt bike, but the characteristics of a road bike too.

Whats the horsepower on a 250 dirt bike?

Depending on the type of 250cc engine, two-stroke or four-stroke, and the state of tune of the engine you can expect anywhere between 20hp for a nice relaxed trail bike to over 40 hp from a fire breathing two-stroke motocrosser.

What company makes the yz 250 dirt bike?


What is the weight of a 250 cc dirt bike?

93 kilograms.

What should you get a 125 or 250 dirt bike?

for example a yz 125, ktm 125, ktm 150sx ktm 250 2-stroke or a 250 4-stroke. I am stepping up from a crf150rb and have ridden many of these bikes Im almost 5'7" and 140 lbs want to know THANKS

What sort of dirt bike should a 250 pound rider get?

Get a cr80r

When did Yamaha start making the WR 250 dirt bike?

because it did

What is the best 2 stroke 250 road bike?

Any old Suzuki Gt250 is a fun bike