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16 yards it is where you take the 16yard hit

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Q: How far out is the hockey d from the backline?
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When is a 16 yard hit awarded in field hockey?

A 16 yard hit is a type of free hit, awarded to the defense, when the ball goes wholly over the backline (but a goal is not awarded) and the attacking team was the last to touch it in any way. It is taken in line with where the ball crossed the backline, up to 14.63 metres from the backline.

In taking a field hockey penalty stroke where do the goalkeeper's feet have to be before the stroke is taken?

Both of the goalkeeper's feet must be on the goalline (the section of the backline between the goalposts). Ideally, they would be as far forward as possible - only the slightest part of the heel needs to be touching the line and this puts you as close to the ball as you can get.

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If the ball is hit by the attacking team and crosses over the goal line in field hockey but it is not a goal how is play restarted?

Play is restarted in the same way as whenever an attacker plays the ball over the backline: with a 16 yard hit, in front of the goal.

All measurements for six-a-side field hockey pitch?

Six-a-side is usually played on a halfturf; if you are playing on a normal turf, this is simply the area between the halfway line and one backline. The measurements of the outline are 55m by 45.7m; the halfway line is 45.7m long and is 27.5m from each 'backline'; the circles are sometimes made smaller (normally 14.63m radius, changed to 10m); and the goals are standard goals sited halfway along the 'backlines'.

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