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The pitching rubber is 60 feet 6 inches from home plate. The number was intended to be 60 feet even, but messy handwriting on the Baseball field blueprint was read as "6" instead of "0".

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Q: How far is the pitching rubber from home plate in major league baseball?
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Baseball distance from pitcher to home?

In a Major League Baseball stadium, the distance from the pitching rubber to homeplate is 60 1/2 feet.

What is the highest a Major League Baseball pitching mound can be?

I might be wrong, but I think the tallest part(at the rubber) is about 15 inches

What are the dimensions of the pitcher's plate?

In Major League Baseball, the pitcher's plate, or pitching rubber, is 24 inches long and 6 inches wide.

How far is it from the pitching rubber to second base in major league baseball?

I believe it's the same distance as the rubber is to home plate, 60 feet, 6 inches.Ken Fougère

What is the height of a major league pitcher's mound?

The pitching rubber is set at a height of 10 inches.

Was submarine pitching ever banned in major league baseball?


How tall is a major league mound?

The pitching rubber is at a height of 10 inches and is the highest spot on the mound.

How far is the pitching rubber to home plate?

60 ft, 6 inches for Major League, 46 Feet for Little League.

Which team has the oldest pitching staff in major league baseball?

Arizona diamondbacks

What is the squard on the ground behind the pitching mound in major league baseball?

It is a spike cleaning tool.

Can an Major League Baseball pitcher pitch consecutive games?

yes, there are no pitching restrictions in the mlb.

How far is major league baseball pitching mound?

Exactly 60 feet 6 inches

What is the average pitching speed of Major league baseball in last 3 decades?

around 92

What is the record for most strikeouts in one month for a major league baseball pitching staff?


What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball

What is meant by Major League Baseball?

major league baseball

What major league baseball pitchers have broken their arms while pitching?

Dave Dravecky. S.D Padres

What is the pitching distance in bronco baseball?

The pitching distance in Bronco baseball is 48 feet. Bronco is a division within Pony baseball. Major League Baseball uses a distance of 60 feet, 6 inches.

Major league baseball?

Yep, Major League Baseball or MLB.

Is Major League Baseball fake?

No. Major League Baseball is real.

How far is the pitching mound from home plate in major league baseball?

60 feet 6 inchesType your answer here...

What is major league basbeall?

major league baseball is the hightest baseball league with the best players

Is Major League Baseball softball or hardball?

Major league baseball is hardball.

Who owns the rights to the Major League Baseball Logo?

Major League Baseball.

How far is home plate to the pitchers mound in major league baseball?

It is 60' 6" from the back of the plate to the front of the rubber.