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7 yards

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Q: How far from the line of scrimmage does the field goal kicker stand?
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How far do NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage?

It is not known how far exactly NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage when attempting a field goal. Most NFL kickers average a field goal range of 35 yards.

In football when kicking a field goal is the distance of the field goal determined from where the snapper is or from the place hold kicker?

A field goal is measured from where the ball is kicked from, not from the line of scrimmage. If Team A is kicking a field goal from the 20 yard line, the distance of the field goal would me measured as follows: Length to Goal Line: 20 Yards Length of Endzone: 10 Yards Place of Kick: 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage (typically kicks made from 6 to 7 yards behind the los) Total Distance of Field Goal: 37 yards.

Can a field goal kicker spot the football more than 7 yards behind the scrimage line?

Yes, the ball may be spotted at any point behind the line of scrimmage.

How many yards from the line of scrimmage is needed to kick a field goal?

Generally, the holder kneels down six yards behind the line of scrimmage for a field goal attempt.

Can anyone other than the designated kicker kick field goal?

Anyone can kick a field goal.

Is it true that in the NFL a placekick or dropkick doesn't have to be considered a FG attempt?

By rule, if you kick the ball during a scrimmage down, it's called a "scrimmage kick." If a scrimmage kick off the ground goes through the uprights, it's a field goal. Technically, there is no rule that defines a field goal "attempt." You don't necessarily have to "attempt" a field goal when placekicking on a scrimmage down, but if your kick doesn't go through the uprights, the same rules apply as would for a missed field goal.

Who is Skip Butler college field goal kicker?


Who kicks field goals?

a feild goal kicker

Who is the NO Saints field goal kicker?

nate kaeding?

Who is the field goal kicker for redskins?

Shaun Suisham

What player attempts to make a field goal?

The kicker...

Who was the Chicago Bears' field goal kicker with half a foot?

The kicker you are asking about is Tom Dempsey.

What is the football term for the kicker?

The kicker kicks the ball through the uprights, making a field goal.

Is a deflected field goal that crosses the line of scrimmage considered a blocked field goal?

If a field goal attempt is deflected by an opposing player, that deflection is considered a Blocked attempt.

How far do you have to kick field goals or kickoffs to be a kicker in NCAA D1?

A field goal is normally 17 yards longer than the distance of the line of scrimmage to the goal line, as that number includes the end zone and the seven yards the holder stands behind. The average field goal range varies for each team. As far as how far you have to kick field goals or kickoffs to be a kicker in NCAA D1, there doesn't appear to be an exact number. Obviously, the further you can kick, the better the chances. Accuracy is also a must.

How many yards do from the line of scrimmage field goal?

8 yards

Where can a field goal be made?

A field goal can be attempted from any position on the field. Although the range for most Kicker is about 50 Yards

Who was the first Denver Broncos Field Goal Kicker?

The kicker for the 1960 Denver Broncos was Gene Mingo.

What do you call the person who kicks the football into the field goal?

the kicker

Who was the oldest field goal kicker?

Lorence Tynes- Giants

Which team kicked longest field goal in super bowl 2012?

Giants kicker Tynes 38 field goal.

Where do you spot the ball to kick a field goal?

Where the offense left the line of scrimmage

Any field goal kicker that kicked from a longer or shorter distance than 7 yards?

In modern NFL era, the shortest field goal could only be 17 yards. The Goal Post is 10 yards deep in the end zone and the holder is 7 yards from the Line of scrimmage. So if a team kicked from the goal line, the kick would be from 17 yards out.

Is a punt kicker also a field goal kicker?

This question has to be the oddest I have ever seen. The punter punts, and the kicker is the place kicker. On occasion, if one is injured they may intercede

Is the distance of field goal measured from the kicking spot or the line of scrimmage?

From the spot where the ball is kicked. Punt yardage is measured from the line of scrimmage.