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360 feet. Each of the 4 bases are 90 feet apart from each other, regardless of the stadium size

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Q: How far do you have to run if you get a home run?
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How far was babe ruths first home run?

his first home run was 600 feet in baltimore

How far do you run if you hit a home run?

360 feet! - yoceb3

Where is the Fifth Gem in Build-a-Bearville?

You have to play baseball and get a home run, I think it says something like you have to run far to get this gem. (Home run, far)

How far is ted Williams longest home run?

Ted William's longest home run in Fenway Park was 502 feet, but I don't know if that was his longest home run ever.

How far did Matt Stairs' home run in Game 4 of the 2008 NLCS travel?


How far did the longest home run go?

603 ft

How far is albert pujols longest home run?


How do you get the crazy hand trophy in brawl?

use kirby in home run contest far any far you want it far

Is national home buyers alliance a fraud?

Just google national home buyers alliance rip off report and see for yourself. Run run run away as far as you can!!

How far do you have to hit a home run to left field?

450 feet

How far was the shortest home run in mlb history?

2 feet

How far was Mark McGwire's 70th home run?

I think it was 370 feet.

How you get a home run in a kick ball game?

kick the ball really far

How far was Jim Thome's home run during the 2008 tiebreaker?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Thome's home run travelled an estimated 461 feet to center field.

How far is a major league home run?

In baseball, if a ball is hit to the point that the batter can run around all bases and get back to home plate without being interfered with the other team it is considered a home run. A home run is typically hit over the outfield fence, and the fence should be at least 250 feet away from home base.

How far do you have to run around if you hit a home run?

In MLB, each base is 90 feet from the next base so you would have to run 360 feet.

How far were the home runs in the 2009 home run derby?

503 by prince fielder 471 by nelson cruz

How far would a ball travel if hit on a home run over the Green Monster?

only 310-315 feet from home plate

How do you score a softball home run?

You score a home run by hitting the ball, it doesnt have to be far or hard, but you need to make it around all the bases and touch home plate before you get out. You can be walked, and score a HR by overthrows, fumbling around, etc.

How far was the shortest home run at the Polo Grounds?

Lou Brock.........Joe Adcock......Hank Aaron

Who is the only player in major league to never hit a home run?

There are far too many to list.

How far is the home run base in softball?

over the fence... and through the woods to grandmothers house we go

Can baby rabbits find their nest after being scared away?

If the baby rabbits are old enough to have run away from the nest, then there is no reason to worry. the young rabbits know where home is and will not stray far from it. It is a natural instinct to run away from a predator, hence humans, and they never run very far from their nest when they do run.

If you run daily will you lose your love handles?

it depends how far you run, if you run to the couch when you get home no. 30 min of cardio a day should have that disgusting fat burned off your obese body

How far is the longest home run ever hit in the major league baseball playoffs?

New York Yankees player Mikey Mantel hit a home run 634 ft -Alex Witt-