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250 meters

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Q: How far can you go down as a commercial diver?
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Can a diver go seven miles down to the bottom of the ocean?

No. Recreational divers are typically limited to 130 feet. Commercial divers might go a bit deeper. The record for diving is about 1000 feet.

Why do diver wear diving suit?

to protect the diver from pressure of the water because if we go down deep in the water we get 1 pressure every 10 meter down

How can i go to commercial school diving and how much i have to pay for passed all the course?

You can go for commercial school diving at TUCF Professional Diver Training. You will pay at least $5000.

How far can a scuba diver dive without an oxygen tank?

Every person is different but free diving requires a lot from a diver. It isn't a sport you just jump into and go. It is a progression that requires a lot of time and training. It isn't for the recreational diver. There is no right answer. It's similar to how many G's a person can stand, it comes down to how bad one wants to try.

How does a scuba diver go up and down?

Scuba diver descends or ascends using proper buoyancy control by inflating/deflating his/her scuba BCD (Buoyancy Compensator device)

How far down do jellyfishes go?

as far as the midnight zone

How far down does the mariana trench go down?

10km down

Why does a scuba diver need pressure in an air tank?

A scuba diver needs pressure in an air tank because water pressure increases and pushes down on their lungs as they go down. The air in your lungs is more compressed and more is needed to fill them completely.

Can a human go down as far as the titanic sank down to reach it?

Only in a deep-sea submersible- certainly no scuba diver can dive down anywhere NEAR that far, as she lies at such a massive depth. The Titanic wreck is 2 and half MILES down on the floor of the North Atlantic, where the water pressure is over 2 tons to the square inch- no diver could survive such colossal pressure, and in any case, it would take them so long to swim down there that their oxygen supply would run out before they got to the bottom. The furthest down a scuba diver can go is about 500 feet.People can only reach the wreck site in special deep-sea submarines, that are specifically built to cope with the extreme conditions, such as the submersible Alvin that was used by Dr. Robert Ballard when he discovered the wreck in May 1985.

What is the head of navigation of a river?

It's as far upriver as commercial shipping can go.

Why would a scuba diver go underwater?

Becasue if a SCUBA diver didn't go underwater, they really wouldn't be a SCUBA diver. SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

How far can you go down in the ocean?

To the bottom.

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