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Olympic mens champion achieve about 90 metres, womens champion about 70 metres

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usually the mens average is 30-50 meters atleast in most of Europe dont know about usa tho

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Q: How far can the average human throw a javelin?
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What do with a javelin?

Throw it as far as possible.

How many points can you score in Javelin?

Well not reallt points it's how far you can throw the javelin in metres. Futherst throw is the winner.

How ancient egyptians Javelin throw?

javelin throw is where u run and throw it as far as you could then u will see who is the farthest. Sponsored by Wallmart! valid 1min!

How far do Olympians throw the javelin?

Around 90 meters

What is the event called when you throw a stick as far as you could?

There is Javelin, and 3 more.

How far did Tessa Sanderson throw her javelin to win the Olympic gold medal?


How far can the average NFL qb throw?

55 yards average

How far do college javelin throwers throw in ivy league?

If you throw javelin fairly far, and you are a girl on top of that, you are very likely to be recruited for college. The likelihood of achieving a full scholarship, however, for just javelin, is unlikely. I consistently threw in the high 120s in high school, and was recruited by many colleges. I ended up with a 3/4 scholarship to a very prestigious NCAA Division 1 school, but I think the fact that I knew how to throw discus and shot put also helped. If you are a girl and throw javelin, there's a high chance you'll get recruited. There aren't many states that throw javelin in high school, so the pool of colleges is rather large compared to the number of elite high school javelin throwers. My advice to you is to stick with it and focus on becoming better every day. Also, be open to all of the colleges recruiting you and build good relationships with each no matter what division they are. Some D3 programs are better than some at the D1 level and sometimes they can offer more "financial aid." Good luck! --Fellow Javelin Thrower

How do you generate power when throwing a javelin?

Power for throwing a javelin is generated through a combination of lower body strength, rotational force from the hips and shoulders, and proper technique. Engaging the core muscles and transferring the force generated from the legs through the kinetic chain into the arm is essential. Additionally, the release timing and angle play a critical role in maximizing the javelin's distance.

Why does a tennis ball go far if you throw it?

When you throw the tennis ball, it flies for a distance before dropping down because when you throw the tennis ball, you use force, which is transferred to the tennis ball, which then converts to kinetic energy (movement energy), to allow the tennis ball to go far.

How far throw javelin if I can standing javelin throw thirty five meter?

It depends, some people are really strong initially and only throw 10-15 meters further than their standing throw with a runup. But I also met a high schooler who could standing throw like 30-35 meters, but would easily throw up to 70 meters with a run up. I personally can throw a standing jav like 25 meters, but I can throw it like 45-50 meters with a runup, but don't judge me cause i'm only a freshman in hs rn

What is the average javelin throw for a 12 year old?

One shouldn't ask about the average throw for a certain age because with throwing events, it all depends on the size and strength of the athlete. If you're 12 years old and you have a strong core and your form is close to perfect, then good for you. But that 12 year old may be able to throw as far as an 18 year old. Height contributes to throwing distances; the taller you are, the wider your arm span is, and the further you're able to throw your implement. However, people who aren't as tall may be able to throw as far as the tall people as well; they just have to have more speed than the tall ones.