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A wooden bat can hit 415 feet or more. You can hit about 30 or 50 feet more with an aluminum bat.

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2014-07-02 20:00:17
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Q: How far can a wooden bat hit?
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How far does a wooden baseball bat hit a baseball?

It matters how far you hit it

How far does a wooden bat hit a baseball?

It really depends on who the batter is, for example, strong muscles and great swing = good hit. weakling + bad swing = bad hit... But, a wooden bat can hit pretty far.

Does a wooden bat or a metal bat hit a ball the farthest when hit?

A metal bat will hit the hardest because metal is 85% stronger than a wooden bat.

Did a metal bat or wooden bat hit the farthest?


Will a aluminum bat hit further than a wooden bat?

no because a aluminum bat is less heavier than a wooden

Will a wooden bat hit a ball farther than a aluminum bat?


Does the plastic bat hit the baseball farther than the wooden bat?


Will a wooden bat hit a ball farther than a metal bat?

the metal bat

Do baseballs go farther when hit on a wood or metal bat?

A hollow metal bat will go far. A thick wooden one goes okay too.

Will a softball go farther when hit with a composite bat or wooden bat?


How do you hit with a wooden bat?

The same as with a metal one.

Did an aluminum bat or wooden bat hit the farthest?

Wooden BatSupposedly, the wooden bat due to the weight of the ash wood used to make bat as opposed to the aluminum. However, it's not really the bat, it's the speed of the thrown ball and the speed with which the bat makes contact. Ask a baseball coach or a physics professor for more info.Usually a wooden bat, but aluminum bats hit faster, which is why I was almost decapitated before my time a few weeks ago.they think the aluminum would hit farther because a wooden bat would not hold up as goodthat's right an aluminum bat hits so far that the major leagues don't even use them trust meAluminum bat hits faster but i also think a aluminum bat would hit farther too because the aluminum bat is lighter and the faster you swing the farther it goes.

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