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Q: Did a metal bat or wooden bat hit the farthest?
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Does a wooden bat or a metal bat hit a ball the farthest when hit?

A metal bat will hit the hardest because metal is 85% stronger than a wooden bat.

Will a wooden bat hit a ball farther than a metal bat?

the metal bat

How do you hit with a wooden bat?

The same as with a metal one.

Will a ball go further if hit by a wooden bat or a metal bat?

The Ball will go further with the metal bat.

Does a baseball go farther when hit by a wooden or metal?

it goes farther when hit by a metal bat

What is the farthest hit ball with a wooden bat?

micky mantle hit a 620 foot homer in Detroit once

Why does a metal bat hit further than a wood bat?

It is because the metal bat is lighter then the wooden bat.And because of that, you can swing faster.

Does a metal or wooden bat hit a baseball further?

Metal. But the more significant difference is exit speed. The ball comes off a metal bat traveling significantly faster than off a wooden bat.

Why does a metal bat hit farther than a wood bat?

Wooden bat absorb more energy than metal bat during the contact with object.

What bat hit the ball further?

A metal bat hits the ball further than a wooden bat because metal is harder than wood.

What bat hits farthur a wooden or metal bat?

a wooden bat hits better becaue the way a mental bat hits it has that loud hit and the louder it is the farter is will go

What type of baseball bat will hit the ball farther a metal bat or a wooden bat?

Aluminum bats are lighter and hit farther than wooden bats. Only wooden bats are allowed in major league baseball. Youth and college players can use metal bats.

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