How far can a golfer hit a ball?

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Pros average around 300 yards

Amateurs average around 230 yards

Long drive champions can drive well over 400 yards.

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Q: How far can a golfer hit a ball?
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What pro golfer stripped to his underwear to hit the ball?

Henrik Stenson.

How far does a golfer walk during a round?

It depends on the yardage of the course and how strait the golfer hits the ball but the average golfer walks around 4 miles a round.

If a golfer hit a golf ball towards Antarctica would it cause a natural disaster?


How far does Tiger Woods 6 iron go?

Depending on conditions he could probably hit one from between 170-190. The key to a golfer like Tiger Woods is he has the ability to hit the ball longer or shorter and control his distances. This is something an amateur golfer would struggle to do.

What golfer teed up a golf ball and hit the scoreboard at Wrigley Field?

Sam Snead

When did John Ball - golfer - die?

John Ball - golfer - died on 1940-12-02.

When was John Ball - golfer - born?

John Ball - golfer - was born on 1861-12-24.

How many meters does the aluminum bat hit a ball?

It depends how accurately and how hard you hit the ball. If you hit the ball weakly, then it won't go far; If you hit the ball strongly, then the ball is most likely to go far unless the ball goes down and hits the ground early.

How far will tennis ball go when hit with baseball bat?

Depends on how hard you hit the ball!

What should a golfer do when they hit the ball towards the other players?

The tradition is to warn other players by calling "Fore!"

What does fire the ball at the pin mean?

You hear that term by announcers when a golfer makes a very good shot that winds up very close to the hole on the green. Fire means hit and pin means the flagstick. The golfer is trying to hit the ball as close to the flagstick as possible instead of playing the ball to one side or the other.

If an employee's car parked in an assigned location is hit by a golf ball is the golf course liable for the damage?

No, the golfer is liable

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