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Q: How far can a football be kicked?
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How do you change this sentences into an active the football was kicked by Luke?

Luke kicked the football.

How do you change the football was kicked by luke into active voice?

so hard it is luke kiked the football

Which sport is the ball mostly kicked?

A soccer ball is mostly kicked or sometimes football or flag football

How does air pressure affect the distance a football can be kicked?

how does air pressure affect the distance a football can be kicked?

Can you keep a football kicked into the stands?


What are the poles the football is kicked between?


Does a football go farther with a tee or holder and why?

a football should be kicked further with a tee because if there is a holder there is some pressure on the top of the ball when you kick it so it dosent go as far

When kicked by an NFL kicker which will go farther a Nerf football or NFL football?

an NFL football

What forces are used when a football is kicked?

gravity and friction.

How was football played?

football was played by a group of people in the streets with a pigs bladder and they kicked it to each other then in 1863 it turned into a leather football and was kicked around the street. I don't know when it was invented

How fast is the football when kicked?

if you are asking about English football about 200mph judging by the injurys ive had!

What are some examples of projectile motion?

A projectile implies "fast and far".Some examples are:A football kicked into the air.An arrow flying toward a targetAn actual projectile, such as a bullet or a cannonball.A football kicked into the air.Medical example:Projectile vomiting from a young baby who is allergic to milk-based formula.

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