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The free throw line is always 15 ft from the line to the backboard

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Q: How far away is the free throw line away from the hoop in collage basketball?
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How far away is the free throw line in basketball at villa sport?

12.456293 meters

Dimension of basketball free throw lane?

The free throw line in basketball is 15 feet away from the hoop. It is also 12 foot from end to end. Free throws allow the team to score points with no opposition during the throw.

What is a free throw line?

In basketball, when a person is fouled (think of it being pushed or shoved away) on the shot, he goes to the free throw line and takes either 2 free throws or 3 depending on where he shot. A free throw line is 15 feet away from the basket. If the player makes it then you get 1 point.

A throw that is worth 1 point in basketball is?

A free throw.

How far is the center of the hup from the free throw line in basketball?

13 feet 9 inches from behind the line to the center of the goal ( measured horizontally ).

What is free shot in basketball?

A free shot in basketball would be a free throw. You get this if you are fouled during the game.

What does ft mean in basketball?

Free Throw

In basketball is the word free throw one word or two?

The term is two words, free throw.

Does the weight of the basketball affect free throws?

yes, the weight of a basketball does affect free throws because while shooting a free throw you have a routine for every opportunity of shooting a free throw and if have a basketball that has different weight then your other basketball then you will end up short or long.

In what sport would you be awarded a free throw?


When is a free throw in basketball?

A free throw usually occurs when any player is fouled by a player of the opposing team.

When would you be awarded a free throw in basketball?

If you got fowled