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About 11cm apart and if you are right handed, you right foot should be slightly more in front than your left and if you're left handed your left foot should be slightly in front of your right.

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Q: How far apart should your feet be when shooting a basketball?
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Shooting in basketball requires your form to be correct, Put the ball in your shooting hand make sure your body is square to the basket, and put your feet shoulder width apart, and also put your elbow in towards your body.Throwing the ball at the opponents net

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7th graders should be shooting/playing on a hoop of standard height. Which is 10 feet.

Basketball shooting form?

first of all elbow under the ball feet shoulder width apart shooting foot slightly in fort of other foot eyes on the rim follow through with a snap of the rist and hold your follow throgh

Types of shooting in basketball?

I practice BEEF. Balence eye feet elbows follow though

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Point guard ... Or shooting guard ...

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