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120 feet

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Q: How far apart are the NFL field goal posts?
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How wide are American football goal posts?

The goal posts in the NFL and college are 18 feet, 6 inches apart. In high school, goal posts are 23 feet, 6 inches apart.

Are College Field Goal posts closer then NFL Field Goal posts?

Closer to the field of play? No. In both college and the NFL, the goalpost is situated at the back of the end zone, which is always 10 yards deep.

What is the height of NFL goal posts?

NFL goal posts are 10 feet high and 18.5 feet wide.

Are college field goal posts smaller than NFL field goal posts?

No, they are the same. They used to be wider (23 feet 4 inches, same as high school), but in 1991 they narrowed them to 18 feet 6 inches, same as the NFL.

What color are goal posts in the NFL?


I have heard that the goal post in college football is wider than in the NFL is this true and if so how wide is each?

Goal posts in both the NFL and college football are 18 feet 6 inches apart. The goal posts in college used to be 23 feet 4 inches wide but were reduced to the same width as the NFL in 1991.

How wide are the NFL goal posts?

18'6" wide

Are goal posts the same size in nfl?


How wide are NFL goal posts?

18'6" wide

Show me a football field and then label the parts?

Parts of an NFL Field: * Field of Play * Sidelines * Endlines * Yard Markers * Endzones * Goal Lines * Hashmarks * Goal Posts * Marker Numbers Click on the related links below to see diagrams of an NFL football field.

When were football goal posts moved from the goal lines to the endline?

The NFL moved the goal posts from the goal line to the end line for the 1974 season.

How tall are goal posts in the NFL?

A goal post is 20 feet tall.

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