How far a distance is in curling?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The centers of the targets (called the "house") are 114 feet apart. The distance from one hack (the black foothold that looks like a starting block) to the center of the house on the opposite end of the ice is 126 feet.

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The large target area is called the house. It is 12 feet in diameter, and is usually painted with three rings (called the 12-foot, 8-foot, and 4-foot rings, according to their diameter) and a circle in the middle called the "button." At the center of the button is a hole in the ice called the "tee" or "pin," which is the official center of the house and the place you measure from if you need to determine whether one rock is closer than another. The different rings really have no meaning other than acting as a visual aid to help players judge what rocks are closer than others.

Any rock that touches any part of the house is eligible to score a point. Only rocks that are closer to the tee than the opponent's closest rock will score a point.

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The sheet is 45.72 meters long (150 feet.)

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Q: How far a distance is in curling?
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