How does volleyball use momentum?

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It moves :)

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Q: How does volleyball use momentum?
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How is the Law of conservation of momentum related to volleyball?

they are related because a volleyball uses momentum while being played with

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How can you explain momentum by using volleyball as a example?

Momentum is the mass (weight) multiplied by velocity (speed). If you thow a volleyball slowly it doesn't have much momentum. If you throw it fast it has more momentum. If you fill it with water (heavier) and throw it fast, it has even more momentum.

How can a bowling ball and a volleyball have the same momentum?

Linear momentum, p=mv, is proportional to mass and velocity. Since the bowling ball far outweighs the volleyball, the difference in velocity would have to be determined in order for them to possess the same amount of momentum. If the volleyball is traveling at a high enough speed (orders of magnitude higher), they can both have the same momentum. Either that or fill the volleyball with concrete.

What does momentum have to do withe volleyball?

with out momentum the volleyball wouldn't travel, eg: when you throw the ball it carrys momentum through the air, but as soon as force isn't applyed to keep the ball traveling at the same speed, it will loose speed (momentum) and drop to the ground.

How do you find Final momentum when you have initial momentum and change in momentum?

Use this formula:Final momentum = (initial momentum) + (change in momentum)

What was the use of the volleyball?

You mean the ball, the volleyball? To play volleyball of course!

Can you use your foot in indoor volleyball?

yes you can use your feet on indoor volleyball

How do you use momentum in a sentence?

Momentum is given the symbol p Momentum is given the symbol p Momentum is given the symbol p

Can you use legs in volleyball?

yes ,you can use your legs in volleyball when the shot is too deep.

What gives a volleyball velocity when serving?

The momentum of the your body (if you execute the approach correctly) is what help provides the velocity to the ball as it goes over the net. Your hand hitting the volleyball also helps the velocity.

Why is jumping an important part in volleyball?

Jumping is important because in order to get a killer spike you have to have air and momentum to smash it to the ground.

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