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Q: How does the weight of a baseball bat affect the distance the ball travels when it's hit?
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Does the mass of a baseball bat react to the distance the baseball travels?

yes, because the heavier the bat is, the more weight you swing behind the ball and the further the baseball travels

Why does distance affect accuracy?

Variations is muzzle velocity, bullet weight, barrels, etc. and weather all come to bear on the projectile as it travels from the muzzle to the target

Does the weight of a ball effect the distance traveled when catapulted?

I did my science faire project on this, and I built a catapult, made tennis balls have different weights by filling them with sand and tested it. My results showed that yes, it does affect the distance it travels when being catapulted. The heavier the ball was, the shorter the distance and vise versa. So as the weight increased the distance decreased. As the weight decreased the distance increased.

What is the affect of weight on distance paper rockets travel?

it is the gravity affects the weight

What is 2 factors that affect reaction distance and braking distance?

The weight and speed of the vehicle.

Does the weight of a bat affect hitting distance?

the heaviest one

Does weight on a skateboard affect how fast it travels?

Yes because if there's more weight, the skateboard will go faster. Less weight it will go slower.

What is the weight of a meteor dropping 118 miles to earth?

well what is the mass of the meteor, the distance it travels is unimportant

How does the weight of a car affect the distance a car travels down a ramp?

yes because Gravity is pulling it down and the heavier the mass the farther it will travel down the ramp. The heavier it is the more gravity has to pull down

Does weight affect how far an object travels?

yes it does, however, the velocity at which the object is thrown also is a factor to consider.

How does the weight of a baseball bat affect the distance the ball travels?

A bat hitting a baseball is an elastic collision which means there is a transfer of momentum from the bat to the ball. Since momentum is equal to mass multiplied by velocity, a higher mass means more momentum. However, you also must consider that it is harder to swing a heavier bat and therefore it will travel slower and therefore have less momentum.

How does the weight of a paper airplane affect the distance it flies?

the more its wieght the bigger the nuts

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