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lacti acid build up in your muscles when you are running and you are breathing but not takingin a ny oxygen therefore there is no chemical reaction with your glucose in yyour body and is given no energy. this means most people stop and breath because your body needs to take in oxygen.

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What energy system produces lactic acid?

The Glycolytic System produces lactic acid

What sport use the lactic acid system?

Swimming, running, and basketball use the lactic acid system.

How does basketball use the lactic acid system?

it goes and gets pissed up then the lactic acid system smokes a massive bong

Why do the muscles in your legs burn when you work out?

Lactic acid builds up because of lactic acid fermentation.

What is the acid found in dairy products?

Milk based products have lactic acid in them.This is the lactic acid.lactic acid

Where in our human body is lactic acid produced?

As Lactic acid is formed from glucose, it is produced in the stomach of the digestive system

Which acid builds in your muscles when you work hard?

Lactic acid

What does the lactic acid system provides energy for?


What is a sport from the lactic acid system?


Which team game uses the lactic acid system?

Most team games use the lactic acid system. However, this is more common in Invasion games.

How does the lactic energy system recover?

The lactic acid energy system relies on the breakdown of glycogen to produce energy. As it does not require oxygen to break down glycogen a by-product called lactic acid is formed. If enough lactic acid is accumulated then the body begins to fatigue. To recover, the lactic acid requires oxygen. Once oxgen is present the lactic acid can be converted back to pyruvic acid which can once again be used to produce energy. Therefore to speed up recovery of the lactic system an "active"recovery at a low intencity is recommended. This then employs the use of the aerobic energy system which requires oxygen to be transported to the working muscles, and at the same time removing the fatiguing lactic acid.

What are the energy systems being used when playing basketball?

CP System- Creatine Phosphate Lactic acid system- Produces lactic acid Aerobic system- Efficent producer of energy

Is lactic a base or an acid?

acid as in lactic acid?

What are the two main types of lactic acid?

Lactic acid has two optical isomers: L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid.

Is lactic acid an amino acid?

No, lactic acid is not an amino acid.

How does the circulatory systems remove waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid?

Carbon dioxide- Breathing Lactic Acid- Excersize burns off lactic acid. ( The reason your muscles cramp after you work out is due to a build up of lactic acid, it may be painful, but if you run more or stretch it gets rid of the spare lactic acid.

When do people produce lactic acid?

When their muscles work

Is lactic acid a product of fermentation?

Yes; lactic acid is a product of Lactic acid fermentation. :)

What does lactic acid fermentation convret into lactic acid?

Lactic acid fermentation converts the two pyruvate molecules formed from glycolysis into lactic acid.

Where can you get lactic acid?

lactic acid is the acid from sour milk

How do you treat lactic acid?

Lactic acid is formed d/t the lack of O2 in the respiratory system. Usually it is caused by an increase in respiratory rate. One must have oxygen in order to break up the lactic acid.

Lactic acid is the byproduct of which metabolic system?

Anaerobic Respiration.

What fuels are used in the lactic acid system?

Adenosine Triphosphate :)

How many ATP are produced by the lactic acid system?


What is the product of lactic acid fermentation?

lactic acid

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