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If one of you opponents pieces is around the King by on space like up down left right or any diagonal you can go on top of it and take the other players piece!

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2011-05-25 07:08:12
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Q: How does the king take another piece in chess?
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Can a king take another piece in chess?

Yes, the King may take other pieces.

What chess piece can take the chess king?

Other than the opposing king , any chess piece has the power and the ability to capture the opponent's king . A king may not take another king because it is in contradiction of the rules where a king may not move into check ~ see related link below .

Can a king take a non-threatening piece?

The king in chess may capture any other chess piece except the enemy king .

What pieces can a king take?

A King in Chess may take any other piece except another King. The reason is that in order for a king to take another king, the first king would have to move adjacent to the other king, which is an illegal move.

When a king is in check are you onlu allowed to move it or can another piece take it?

You are not allowed to move that piece because it goes against the chess rules in the book i am reading.

Can you take the chess piece that has you in check with the king?

Yes. However, the opponent usually has some piece protecting it.

Is there a rule in chess that if they don't say check you can take there piece?

No , there's not a rule in the game of chess that requires a player to forfeit a chess piece if they do not place the king in check at every opportunity to do so .

When can the King take another chess piece?

The king can capture any piece (except the other king) the same way other pieces capture, but since he can move only one space, this is usually a defensive move. The king cannot capture a piece that is protected by another piece or pawn, as this would place him in "check" (subject to capture himself).

Can a king kill any time in chess or does it have to be in check to capture?

The king can take another piece anytime, but it is not smart to do so until perhaps the last moves of the game, if at all.

Can the king knock out the queen in chess?

Yes. If the queen moves within one space of the king, the king is technically in check. If no other piece covers the space on which the queen rests, the king may take the queen to resolve the check. A king can only take the queen if the queen is opposite color of the king and the queen is not guarded by another piece.

Can a queen take a queen in the game of chess?

Yes, any piece can take any other piece. ------------------- Actually - a King cant take a King because to get within one square the king would be putting himself in "check"

Can a pawn take anyother piece in chess?

The pawn has the power of capturing any chess piece .

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