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Swimming is the best exercise you can do... Ever

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Q: How does swimming compare to walking for burning calories?
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What is a moderate activity like walking good for burning calories?

Er.... Walking, cycling, swimming

How much swimming is the same as walking 2 miles?

The average person burns about 200 calories walking 2 miles. To burn 200 calories swimming, you would need to swim about 15 to 20 minutes depending how you are swimming.

How many calories can you burn by walking 1 meter?

you burn about 0.06 calories by walking a meter and burning 100 calories if you walk a mile. this is an average if you weigh about 180 pounds

How many calories can you burn from 12 miles?

Running? walking? swimming? driving?

Which do you burn the most calories walking biking or swimming?

Swimming would burm the most calories if you do lap to lap without stopping. Biking is also a very good exercise, but I suggest swimming.

What burns calories faster walking than eating or eating than walking?

Walking then eating if you eat first then you feel worse than when you walk first burning more calories.

Is walking a good way to lose weight?

That really depends on a persons body. there are many factors that come into play when it comes to burning calories. Size weight, and overall health can make quite a differance in burning calories wether walking or running.

Do you burn the same amount of calories swimming as you do while walking?

When it comes to burning calories, your heart rate is much more important than what it is that you are doing. If you can reach and sustain the same heart rate for the same amount of time you will burn pretty much the same amount of calories regardless of activity.Most people find swimming to require a greater effort (leading to a higher heart rate than walking) so swimming will generally burn more calories than walking (for the same amount of time).Interestingly enough, experts have found that swimming will not decrease your overall percentage of body fat -- not one iota. If you want to lose fat, you must get out of the water and burn it off on dry land. Weird. It doesn't matter what the water temperature is.No! You lose most body fat in swimming; swimming burns double the amount of calories, compared to running.

Is walking and running a good way to burn calories?

Specially the running. Swimming is a good way too. :)

How many calories burn walking in swimming pool for 20 minutes?

about 350 to 450 depending on your weight.

Different activities you can do and how many calories your burning?

Walking - 200 calories per hour Jump Roping - 100 calories per 10 minutes Elliptical Machine - 200 to 300 caloires per hour (depends on speed and resistance) Stationary Bike - 100 to 150 calories per 45 minutes. Hiking - 300 to 500 caloires per hour (depends on intensity) Swimming (Leisure) - 100 calories per 30 minutes Swimming (Laps) - 150 calories per 30 minutes Swimming (for Fun) - 100 to 200 caloires per 30 minutes

Does walking on the treadmill help to flatten your stomach?

yes it does because you are burning fat and calories while using it

What is swimming and walking in Spanish?

swimming is nadar and walking in camina

Do you burn more calories speed walking or running?

Running because it uses more energy. You are moving faster And your heart beats faster burning more calories.

How does walking compare to running for weight loss?

For a 200 pound man, walking at 3 MPH consumes 300 calories per hour. Running at 5 MPH (a 12 minute mile) consumes 745 calories/hour, a 150 percent increase over walking.

What are some easy activies that burn calories?

Cleaning the house, walking, sex, dancing, cutting the grass, bike ride, swimming.....

How many calories burned in a 5 mile walk?

A simple rule of thumb is 100 calories per mile for a 180 pound person. So if you are walking 5 miles you would be burning around 500 calories.

Is walking as healthy as jogging?

Walking is still healthy however jogging will help you lose weight faster as well as increase your fitness to a greater extent in the long run. This is due to the fact that you are burning more calories when jogging then walking.

How many calories are burned by walking 6 km?

If you are walking thisdistancein about 60 minutes, you are burning close to 300 cal. Of course more accurate estimates requires your weight and exact speed.

How do you keep from gaining weight after a hysterectomy?

As much walking as possible but do not overtire yourself. Good diet and do not overeat or binge as you will not be burning off the calories.

What would be a good time for walking a mile in the swimming pool?

Swimming pools are normally used for swimming (or sometimes skateboarding) rather than walking.

What helps to burn lots of calories a day?

Hard manual labor burns many calories. In addition, cardio exercise (such as brisk walking, jogging, running, trampolining, cross-country skiing, etc) are good calories burning exercises.

Is swimming American?

No. Swimming is like running and walking, it is universal.

How can you burn 500 calories a day?

I am burning more than that a day at the gym.. I do one hour on the treadmill walking quickly and then 20 minutes on the bike. The nice thing about machines.. they tell you how much you are burning.

How many calories will you burn walking a mile?

You can burn 90-240 calories walking one mile