How does sports affect kids in the classroom?

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they make them tired or they be good to play the game

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Q: How does sports affect kids in the classroom?
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How can sports affect kids?

it makes them strong and healthy

Can a classroom and centrioles have commonality?

like kids changing a classroom.

What do Japanese children do outside the classroom?

outside the classroom what do japanese kids like to do?

How can sports affect a student in the classroom?

Success in sports can increase a student's confidence in other areas of his/her life, including academics in the classroom. Studies have proven that when students engage in physical activity and then sit down to study, they have higher levels of concentration and are able to retain information better than when they are not physically active before studying.

Breakdown of sports played by kids?

most sports are played by kids !! :P :)

When was Sports Illustrated Kids created?

Sports Illustrated Kids was created in 1989.

What adult sports magazine publishes an edition for kids?

Sports Illustarted publishes a Sports Illustrated for Kids I believe :]

How are more lessons learned in sports fieid than in a classroom?

Yes, because in sports field we get to learn about team work and in classroom there is only individual work in which we often do not interact with each other. In classroom we do not understand the value of teamwork and unity whereas in sports field we get to know the value of teamwork and how unity makes work easier.

How many kids get injued in sports without a sports trainer?

A lot of kids but mostly the kids that play the sport wrong.

What are some things found in a classroom that start with k?


Where can you find a kids sports bra for girls?

You can find sports bras for kids at justice for girls.

Do sports affect your acne?

no it does not affect your acne

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