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How does anyone spend there money? Food, shelter, cars!

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Q: How does pro sports players spend there money?
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Where does money come from to pay pro sports players?

Advertising and ticket sales.

How much do americans spend on professional sports?

19.2 hours Americans spend on pro. sports.

Who makes more money Pro NFL football players or pro soccer players?


What pro basketball players sons played pro sports?

Michael Jordan's son

How do pro basketball players get paid?

with money

What do players get for being in the pro bowl?


How much do pro sports teams spend on advertising?

40% of all revenue

What do sports player eat?

most sports players specifically pro swimmers eat a lot of carbohydrates

What do you get from sports?

If your pro you get money and fame. If not it is for fun and to help you be heathier.

What makes more money pro sports or music artists?

Music artists and pro sports make the equal amount of money as long as they give something to it, and they do something to earn the money. Is this a good answer? From, Kidskids

Do pro basketball players get more than regular basketball players?

If you mean more money then yes they do get A LOT more money.

Which pro sports franchise that made the most money in 2009?


Are pro sports profitable?

Generally speaking the majority of professional sports teams are profitable. To offset the usually high contracts of professional athletes, TV revenue for playing the teams on local and even national stations brings in allot of money, helping make the sports team profitable.

Should sports be banned from colleges?

No because if they do then pro teams can't really get players on their teams

Why do pro sports teams make players take urine drug tests?

Professional sports team force players to take urine drug tests to avoid cheating by using performance enhancing drugs. Steroid use is a common problem among pro athletes in competitive sports.

Why Sports related with money?

Well, nowadays athletes play for the seek of prize money. If you want to see quality games in most of sports, you better watch pro since it involves money and players do their best. As I see it since most of sports involve two opposing teams, people watching it tend to bet between the two.

How much money do pro baseball players make?

20.5 million dollars

How much money do pro softball players make?

anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000

How much money do pro goalkeepers make?

As much as other players on the field.

Do pro football players have to donate to a charity?

NFL players are not forced to donate money to a charity. That is the player's choice.

What do sports give you?

If you are pro they give you money. Otherwise it's to be healthy and for fun.

Who has made the most money all-time in pro sports?

mark staal

How much does a pro soccer player in Costa Rica make in salary?

Professional soccer players in Costa Rica do not make as much money as other professional sports players in the US. On average they make around $1,000 a month.

In which sport do pro players make the most money?

Its Cricket at 1st place and then football

How do players enter the pro league?

Typically, sports players reach the pro league by either obtaining a certain number of wins, shots, hits, or scores, or by being inducted by a superior member for outstanding performance.