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Because you meet all different kinds of people. and new friends,

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Q: How does playing sports help the society?
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Does playing a lot of sports help or not help a person grow?

it does help if you play sports you get taller especially basketball

What is the role of sports?

Sports has various different roles in society. For example, it can help bring the community together and form social bonds.

How you can help others by playing sports?

you can heelp others by showing them how to play at the same time as your playing :]!! hop you like the answer

When was Burevestnik - sports society - created?

Burevestnik - sports society - was created in 1957.

When was Lokomotiv - sports society - created?

Lokomotiv - sports society - was created in 1936.

When was Mladost - sports society - created?

Mladost - sports society - was created in 1945.

How sports effect on personality?

Sports help people adjust within society. They become a part of a team; therefore, they learn how to socialize and talk to others.

How do sports help students?

It helps reduce stress. Plus, playing a sport is! =)

Do sports help kids to stop playing video games all day?

not if its a sport game ;)

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

Do I need sports insurance when I am playing basketball at the pro level?

I would suggest having insurance if you are playing professional basketball. Here's a site that will help you find the best insurance for you.

How can particepating in sports make you healthy?

you can burn calories and lose weight and when you are done playing sports eat veggies or fruits to help stay healthy!

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