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Q: How does medical history affect sports performance?
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How can carbohydrates affect sports performance?

if we eat carbohydrates most gives us energy and affect the sports performance

How can culture effect your sports performance?

It can affect your sport's performance by the characteristics you have that affect play.

How can wearing jewelry affect sports performance?

Wearing jewelleries might affect sports performance because you might hit someone with that jewellery

How do drugs affect sports performance?

It is not good for you.

How does arousal and anxiety affect sports performance?


How does speed affect your sports performance?

Your preformance improves

How does body composition affect sports performance?


Does medical history affect how you can perform in any types of sports?

Sort of because if you get injured and you already had this injury it might be worse.

How can concentration affect your sports performance?

if you concentrate and don't swap mosquitoes you can do sports faster

How does alcohol affect your performance in sports?

it makes u drouzy

How does viral infections affect the sports performance?

Harder to breathe.

What drugs factors can affect sports training and performance?


How does state anxiety affect sports performance?

It affects your concentration and the performance. If you're very anxious, you can not focus or concentrate on work, school, and sports.

How does malnutrition affect sports performance?

malnutrition affects sports performance because if you don't treat your body right it will have a negative effect and you will be unable to play.

How can alcohol affect sports performance?

Well if you are drunk then it can affect your co ordination and spatial awareness

Does LSD affect sports performance?

It simply does not affect the preformance, it just might help the preformance

How does height affect sports performance?

height does affect your ability in sport because it is harder to balance so i recommend doing sports such as basketball

What lifestyle factors can affect your sports performance?

stress, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sleep,stress culture Weight diet medical conditions and ilness that is very important

How does temperature affect sports performance?

it doesnt be a man and suck it up...

Do Recreational drugs affect sports performance?

yes it doesype your answer here...

What psychological factors can affect sports performance?

pressure, diet, depression

How would hyperhydration affect the sports performance?

immediate soiling of the pants.

How does arousal affect sports performance?

Arousal affects sports performance positively. By the increase of testosterone in your body you are able to do physical activity faster and with more force.

Do sports affect the academic performance of a student?

Not really unless the person gets really addicted to sports and not studies

Explain how lifestyle factors affect the performance of a sports person?

im not telling you