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Karate builds strength, stamina, agility, along with respect, character, and confidence in ones own ability to succeed

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Q: How does karate make you a better person?
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What is Karate's Triple Crown?

karate is better for body it make strong person and person never will be ill.

Is karate about fighting?

No, karate is about being a better person.

What is the importance of karate?

The most important thing in karate is to learn to control yourself, and to defend yourself. This can be achieved by practicing techniques, but it is required to respect your fellow students and adapt to their skill. The philosophy and goal is to make one a better person and a better citizen.

What martial art is better Kung Fu or karate?

No martial art is the best. Only those who can master it can be better then another person. Even karate history comes from Chinese martial art.

Which is better Shrek 4 or Karate Kid?

karate Kid

What is better aikido or karate?

It depends on the level of the student. Any aikido person will tell you that aikido is better, and most karate students will argue that Karate is. Aikido students learn defense from most attacks, and since it was founded in Japan. Most of the attacks from karate and other Japanese martial arts are covered. There is no better martial art. It depends on what you would like to learn.

What is a person who does karate called?

in engilsh a student.In karate a karate-ka

Is kickboxing better than karate?

Better at what? Kickboxing is usually a better workout than karate (depends how you train of course), but for self defense karate all the way!

What are the rules of karate?

First of all karate starts with respect and ends with respect etc.. But you should not consider them as rules, they are merits which can make your life better and consequently make you better.check out the site below for some precepts that can help you in karate and life in general

What is the ultimate purpose of karate?

To learn self defense, to gain confidence, focus, and self discipline.

Does college make you a better person?

Yes it does make you better person :)

Does karate make you fight better?

{| |- | The study of any martial art helps one fight better. Karate is an effective martial art. One that masters it will be very effective in a fight. And learning karate would probably result in being in fewer fights, as it teaches control. |}