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It makes you flexable.

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Q: How does gymnastics benefit the human body?
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What benefit can hydrogen ion give to the human body?

The benefit of hydrogen ion on human body is that these ions effect breathing rate. It also affects the pH of different body fluids.

Why is gymnastics affected to the human body?

because it helps you learn discipline and upper body strength, agility , coordination to

How does a skin cell benefit the human body?

Skin prevents microbes from entering your body...

Does milk benefit you?

Yes ! It's full of natural vitamins and minerals that are of great benefit to the human body.

The effects of gymnastics on human body?

Gymnastics improves strength and flexibility and improves control your movements. At high level injuries are common though so there is a down-side.

How does sunlight benefit the human body?

The production of vitamin D is mediated by sunlight.

How does cholesterol benefit the human body?

cholesterol is required to build and maintain membranes

How does the human body benefit from respiration?

Respiration allows the body to take in Oxygen, a vital element in creating energy for the body.

What is the motto of British Gymnastics?

British Gymnastics's motto is 'The UK National Governing Body for Gymnastics'.

How do you get body control form gymnastics?

you get body control from gymnastics by conditioning. i do gymnastics and i have been able to control my body better. i have been doin it for 5 years now and you do increse you body cotrol trust me.

Why is gymnastics often considered to be the purest of all sports or athletic activities?

Because the human body can preform movements that are exquisite to behold.

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