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Gender plays an integral role in any sports. Males have more stamina and power as compared to females, so they can play any professional sports through their stamina and power. Females can play professional sports for a certain time frame with full passion, dedication, energy and power. The female body goes with feminine complexities which is a big constraint for professional sports.

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Q: How does gender impact participation in professional sports?
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Gender Sensitivity: Understanding and consideration of socio-cultural factors underlying sex-based discrimination. The term also applies to attitudes that socialize girls and boys into certain behaviors or opportunities, for example, pushing boys to play sports or not expecting girls to do well at sports. (IPS, 1996 30). Gender-sensitive planing uses specific methods and tools to provide women and girls more opportunities for their participation in the development process and to measure the impact of planned activities on women and men.

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Gender also has an effect on physical activities because most sports are separated into two teams, a boys team and a girls team. In the case of professional sports like basketball, it is impossible for a female to play on a men's basketball team; it is also impossible for a male to play on a woman's basketball team.

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